The big topic of features and where to find them

Hey there CEO’s :slight_smile:
There has been an increase in new topics lately as new CEOs join us in giving the developers more work,
I mean thinking of cool ways to expand the game.
This brings with it the issue of having a lot of topics asking the same questions.
To try and streamline this a bit better I would like to present to you:

The big topic of features and where to find them

The idea is that we have 1 topic containing (hopefully) all feature requests,
with a link to interesting discussions regarding said feature.

I can’t do this alone of course, so I would like to ask you to go over this list and let me know
if I missed anything. Either a feature that has not been named or an interesting discussion.
Once I incorporate your post, I will remove it here, to keep this topic as clean as possible.

Thank you for your help :smiley:
tl;dr; Post here with links to discussions regarding features or missing features. I WILL moderate this topic heavily


Aircraft + Air side operations


Runway & Taxiway

  • Bigger prefab runway

  • Custom build

  • Runways crossing each other

  • Custom naming

  • High speed exit

  • ILS

  • PAPI

  • Taxi way direction control

  • Distinct line between Taxiway and Apron


Land Connectivity: Connecting the Airport to the outside world . .


Buildings & Objects

  • Cargo terminal

  • Queues as separate objects, linkable to multiple destinations

  • Air side walkways (blue, auto secure)

  • Moving walkways

  • Prefab terminals

  • Storage buildings

  • Aircraft hangar

  • Hotels / outside commercial zones
    Hotels or Fuel Stations

  • Admin buildings

  • Police

  • Fire department

  • One way doors
    One-way doors between different type of areas

  • Daycare

  • Faith zone

  • Passenger class exclusive zones / objects

  • Separate texture from color in floors and walls

  • Colorable wall / floor tiles

  • More decorative objects

  • Glass / windows

  • Signs (custom text or auto fill, mouse over for detail)

  • Signs used as Pathfinding hints

  • Check in kiosk

  • De-icing

  • Ticket desk

  • Assign / theme a zone to a specific airline

  • Colorable walkways

  • Colorable lights

  • Being able to build over existing stuff (i.e. a tilt tray over existing belt)

  • Dismantling and storage

  • Curves

  • Undo last x steps

  • Change the bus stop shape

  • Fleshed out item deterioration (reduced appeal)

  • Terminal lighting

  • Multiple levels of terminal (Not terrain)

  • Conveyor belt levels

  • Baggage handling improvements
    Baggage, Baggage Belts, Baggage Trains
    Baggage handling improvements

  • Building materials. More (distinguishable) types

  • No box stacking in delivery area

  • PA system objects

  • moving objects
    Make furniture movable



Passengers & Behaviour


Game play

Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion .

Translate the game? - #31 by Olof .




Finally got around to updating this topic. All ideas mentioned have been added. :slight_smile:

If you feel a particular idea needs more discussion, then by all means create a new topic that i can link to


Hello, I am new, and was wondering if anyone has suggested a tool that allows us to select the percentage degradation level at which automatic repairs are carried out? If not, I was hoping that once the COO Auto Repair function is fully operational, perhaps we can select the percentage at which we want the repairs to begin for Runways, and Stands.


Hello, you have written Fuel lines twice in your second post @pderuiter under Stands/Fuel lines. And btw there is a feature thread for it Underground Fuel Lines

I haven’t seen anything from him in a long time.

I haven’t seen anything from him in a long time.

He… left us for a very long time and no one has heard anything from him :frowning:

Changed it, but this whole topic would need a big revision anyway since a lot of the stuff is already done like eg ‘Remote Stands’. As you can see, it hasn’t been maintained for a long time and I’m not sure if there’s any point in maintaining it. People are creating new threads with ideas anyway!

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