Levels, Hotels, And Transport

I think a great thing to have in a airport would be having parking so we can have an incresed amount of transport modes for passengers. Another thing would be hotels and you can manage hotels maybe with brigdes and you can change the levels of a hotel and the levels of the airport. You can have uderground and observation decks, this would you can drop elevator lifts and stairs in designated spots. You might be able to even have a transport Hub. This does seem like a giant wish but many people might want something like this too.

Hi @Planelover67 :slight_smile:

Most of these things have been suggested in some form or another, so I’d encourage you to do a thorough forum search to see what discussions have been had regarding these ideas. You can also find links to many of them here:

Multiple transport modes will definitely be implemented in the future along with the possibility of multiple levels (much further down the track though).

As to managing the hotels, I think that has also had some discussions but a few forum users don’t want it to become ‘Hotel CEO’ so we’ll have to see.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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Rental car lots and the hotels could be designated areas just like Shops and Food Mart. Have to get a contract and the contract company maintains the space for rent and % of profit. It would be realistic in the since most airports have them on their grounds. (Ex. DIA)

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I like the idea with the hotels, of course it is not Hotel-CEO, and it also does not need to be a in-detail feature, but if in future e.g. transfer function (passenger lands with plane 1 and will leave with plane 2 to destination) will be implemented - no idea if DEVs want to do that, but would simulate the airport even more accurate - they have to think about what to do with passengers who stay over night. The Hotel could be implemented like e.g. the ATC Tower, it is just a object which can be built, but not with foundations, rooms to be decorated. It can be a Hotel, it can be populated with a contract, like with the shops, and this would fulfill the need.

No I think you should make a hotel CEO game but allow them to interact with the airports

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You could do this without placing anything. Allow the player to buy a hotel (off map) and provide shuttle service to it. So for each hotel they buy they would only need to put down a designated bus stop.

Could be done for anything like this. Want to add manufacturing or dedicated retail? Do it off map and put down a truck drop off point.

Even parking could work that way. Provide dedicated shuttle service


I really like that. Do you mean like make it an individual game but connected to a ceo? I think more in a steam like way

Instead of buying what about sigoing a contract like the airline and shopping/food contracts

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Sounds good. That contract would then result in a bus stop for that hotel.

Yes that would work too.

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