[Suggestions] Flight schools, GA clubs, Hangars and police stations

Guess it’d be a cool idea to add flight schools. You build a little building with conditions like a small bar, lockers etc. And you can set it up for rent for someone to make a flight school. Along with that it’d be cool if we’d have GA clubs, much like motor gangs but for General Aviation. This could go along with the flight schools.

And of course hangars. I know this has been suggested before, but I still wanted to point it out. A little building that you can set up for rent for GA/CA where they can store their aircraft. It would be really nice if need for hangars depends on the weather in a certain region, for example if you build your airport in north-Norway more people want a hangar. Along with the hangars you could offer personal repair services, that have airplanes in the hangars as a priority.

I am not sure if this is included with the emergency vehicles buildings but I’d like to see you could implement a police station specifically for crime in and near the airport.

Edit: Forgot to mention police stations

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These are all great ideas. Perhaps in order to give some sort of progression, it could be made so as to build first a GA club and then when some further conditions are met (number of flight operations, number of participants in the club and so on and so forth), one should be able to build a flight school.

And as a further expansion on that, one may be able to set up, but this only for larger airports, a commercial (ATPL) flight school for one or more companies: more costs but more revenue. This may be feasible, game-wise, when a company chooses your airport as a hub or as a major operating base.


These are all great suggestions.

So later on the game would have (moddable) businesses of type Tenant. These would require buildings / services to operate. Each tenant would have (just like airlines hopefully) a list possible airplanes with a spawn rate / chance. Where a flightschool tenant would spawn cessna’s, a military tenant would spawn f/a-18s

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I just thought of something else… Full motion flight simulators. I know KLM has those at schiphol, would be nice to add and to get revenue from

Hangars will be great,cause im currently trying to build KPOC but there are no Hangars…

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