Land Connectivity: Connecting the Airport to the outside world

When connecting our airport to the outside world is it going to solely be road, or will there be rail connections involved as well?

The point at which i’m getting is one of depth of simulation. How well are these topics going to be involved in the game? Are we going to have the option of building our own carparks, train stations, metro station and tram stops for connectivity to the outside world? Many large airports have multiple train and metro stations as well as huge amounts of parking for cars. Inter-terminal transit and other methods of getting around the airport are also employed in many places.

Will we be able to construct and manage our own stations and car-parks and how they filter traffic through to our airport terminals or do we have to wait for “TransportHubCEO” for this level of detail?


I think it’s entirely appropriate that land access to the airport is an issue for the CEO, although I understand that the ground transport functionality in the game will be implemented gradually.

An airport is only useful if your passengers can actually get to it (note that most airports are actually quite some distance from the city that they serve), and as such access to the airport becomes quite an important issue for the management board of the airport.

In what I’ve seen of the game so far, transport to the terminal is via bus link - this is a good start and is available at most airports, and is probably always the first public transport that serves any particular airport.

I think that all airports have car parking facilities - usually this is extortionate so is clearly a good source of revenue! I think that this would be a good addition to the game. Having short stay car parks and long stay car parks with appropriate tariffs would be useful (could be as simple as an hourly rate for short stay and a daily rate for long stay). Managing the traffic flow around the airport will naturally follow, although I would hope that this isn’t too big an issue. Taxi ranks would be a nice simple add on.

As airports grow, internal bus routes will become essential. I think that they would serve a useful function for more remote car parks (passengers won’t walk three miles to their terminal building!), and of course become very important when multi terminal functionality becomes a reality. Internal light rail solutions would also be a great addition.

Trams, subways and heavy railways would be a great addition, and I could really see them being a great way of getting large volumes of passengers to and from your airport. As the routes would require service by a third party, I think that these should only be available once the operator contacts you about starting a new service (this would happen as your airport grows), at which point you can build a line from your airport to the end of the map to connect with the network.

For any critics who say that this shouldn’t exist in an airport game - I disagree. The ground transport is a very important part of the infrastructure of any international airport and I think it is quite important that it is recreated in the game. This is something that real life airport management has to be actively involved in.


I agree with all of your points, although I do wonder what level of traffic flow management is considered “too big an issue”. I absolutely adore traffic flow management and it’s one of the reasons I love Cities Skylines. I love using mods such as Traffic++ to micromanage traffic flow and traffic light sequencing. Because of this I believe I may be a bit biased on the subject and kind of need to know what other peoples opinions of it are before I start shouting about it being in the game.

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I agree. traffic management is important at an airport (both land and air side),
but i can imagine that they focus on it in the later stages, since the game functions fine without it.

I have read so many things that could be put in a DLC, that the developers could keep going for the next 2 years :slight_smile:


I found a reply to a post i made on reddit, and this is what they said:

Car parking will be implemented as well as people arriving to the airport by different means of transport, buses, taxis, private cars and so forth.

This is from a while back though, so things might have changed by now :slight_smile:

Yes, connectivity is important!

What is implemented as of our current build in regards to transportation to and from the airport:

  • City Bus
  • Airport Coach
  • Person Car Drop Off (15 minute parking)

What is currently in the pipeline:

  • Short & Long Term Parking Areas (which’s layout can be heavily customized as everything is built by you)
  • Parking House (single structures)
  • Metro Stop
  • Taxi Ramps

What is planned:

  • Train Connection (requires a bit more development in comparison to other stuff)

In regards to transportation between terminals and within the airport, we do have an ambition to add trams and bus routes and stuff like that but as you can imagine, this is a subject to consider once we’ve implemented support for multiple terminals.


In regards to transportation between terminals and within the airport, we do have an ambition to add trams and bus routes and stuff like that but as you can imagine, this is a subject to consider once we’ve implemented support for multiple terminals.

Underground people movers come to mind here.

Train Connection

Also subway? Technically it would be almost identical.

And car rental? (regular cars, limo’s)


I know, i know, i’m asking a lot :slight_smile:


Bikes? Possibly the employees of the airport however I do not think people use a bike when traveling to the airport. :slight_smile:


haha, Here in Holland you can do everything by bike :smile:
(In Dutch)


Car rentals could actually be a shop type for the airport. Passengers arrive, rent a car and then take it from some parking spot.



Can’t wait to see the complete list of planned features and gameplay mechanics…

Obviously, take your time. :slight_smile:


Something I’d also like to see, which kinda goes to transportation in a way, is what I’ve seen at Charlotte, being the little “golf tram” driving throughout the terminals. It’s a way for people to get from one side to the other quicker, access also available for handicapped people, or elderlies.


A people mover

Could you guys add coach services that deal with luggage (like Disney’s Magical Express) and add fully made demo airports (for instance, Orlando International Airport, which has DME, buses, trains, terminal trains, etc) to showcase all the ground transportation?


Wtf??? Disney’s Magical Express??? Seriously??? Disney???

But yeah it would be good to have some demo airports…(not necessarily real ones… Fictional airports would work fine)

Okkk… I get it private buses right??? Running between some particular location and ur airport. Good one. It would be easy to implement, I guess, once the transportation coding is done.

Haha… Here in India everything is done by bike… Especially here in Pune with 3 million bikes within the city… ‘One of the cities’ with most motorbikes.(approx, in 2013 2.7 million)… You will find like 3 bikes for every one four wheeler here. It’s easier to ride a bike here to work because the Public Transport REALLY SUCKS… Compared to other Indian cities.

@Aiden, I like that idea of in-the-airport transportation. Though seriously, why does it need to be
Orlando and Disney’s Magical Express?:unamused:

Think he just meant a generic coach service, that’s probably the one he was most familiar with… It doesn’t need to be exactly that but I think coach services leaving the airport from stops would be good, alongside bus services taking people to externally run car parks and other bus like ventures.

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I was wondering if there would be things such as taxi-ranks, bus-shelters and various other ‘transit’ related items. Carparks (multi-story/underground) or VIP arrivals etc. Because airports have specific areas for taxies and shuttle busses, would similar features be available? Also, a drop off/pick-up area for regular customers?