Vending machines with food,drinks.Serving food on Board the aircraft

I hope you will like my idea)

  1. The vending machines will cost for example of$2000
    When you click on the machine displayed icon "Close / open ""Fill "“Increase price” well, and so on.
  2. Drinks vending machine, its action is the same as the machine with food.

Food on Board is an important part of the flight,but this is not present,it is a pity( But all the same I hope that in the next. the update will add and implement the system.1 Car for food service on Board the aircraft. 2 Building/Warehouse of food. I hope the idea is not crazy and you will like it.

Hi there,

Vending machines have already been discussed in some topics, here are a few:

And the game’s artist Jettuh has already finished making the model for them, so they should be implemented in the near future:

As for catering, I believe it’s on the to-do list (as it’s already somewhere in the operations tab, but you can’t enable it). But I suggest you take a look here and maybe continue the discussion:

Hope this helped!


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