Cloning Tool in game?

Will there be a clone tool? Like if you have a lot of terminal without seats you can make only one and then clone that to the other terminal? Thank You, Bye! :grinning:

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afaik from looking at the videos and screenshots i have not seen any evidence of a cloning tool at this time.

Perhaps in the future it would be a cool feature to have :slight_smile:

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I agree with @pderuiter. I have watched and rewatched the game play videos. Pausing every few seconds when the menus are open so that I can get a better idea of the objects and tools in the game. No cloning tool from what I’ve seen. No mention in any of the Devlogs either.

However, 1 thing that I have noticed is a lot of members of the ACEO community are also fans of PA. So popular features of PA like cloning, planning, etc will be highly sought after.
And since the devs always seem to develop the game in a way that the community likes, expect these features to be added at some stage of the game.


I for one will find it very hard to build without a planning mode.

RT I rather have a planning tool.

I have seen the videos and the screenshots too… But this was a question that actually asked if in the future will there be a cloning tool :wink::wink::wink:

A cloning/save tool would be a great improvement especially when creating check-in and security desk. I would like to setup one with build queue all done save it and just select and drop a saved one down. Great time safer and if we have a better way just put the old one down improve it and resave it!


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