SUGGESTIONS: Aircraft Models

That would be something pretty special [personal reasons too!!]

I would like to see the Dornier 328jet and all the aircraft that alfa listed would be awesome.

Yes…even I had that idea… Helicopters should be an important aspect of the game. They may be your main source of income when u r a small airport.

while I wouldn’t mind helicopters, I really don’t think they contribute in any significant way to any commercial airfield, let alone airport. given the specialized nature of missions and the higher operating costs, I feel like it is less important to have them. And since they can (but do not necessarily have to) fly and air taxi on different routes than aircraft, I think it is an unnecessary coding effort so early in the development. just my two cents

Ah, perhaps you aren’t familiar with Aberdeen Airport. Being the gateway to the offshore oil industry in the North Sea means that it has very frequent helicopter operations (many dozens every day). I reckon there’s more heli movements than fixed wing aircraft on a typical day. Of course most airports aren’t like this, but I’m sure Aberdeen makes a fair profit from helicopters.

I would agree however that it’s not a common scenario to be in and it isn’t a priority for the early game. But helicopter movements might be a nice addition later to add some variety.


I agree… Helicopters are not needed in the first or second build. But yes it will be an interesting feature in future builds. Probably they could be added to the game as a part of expansion/DLC or game update. If the player isn’t interested in helicopters…he may not get the expansion.

@Olof @Fredrik… What are your thoughts on helicopters…(Helicopters are part of Airports Right??)

Did u type that on your own because it’s HUGE!!!:astonished:

Yes. haha In fact I am preparing something bigger and way more specific and accurate. :smiley: (mainly because of my very own interest)


Some good ones 757 717 727.

@Fredrik … some inspiration for today’s devlog… :wink:


If you make big planes(747,A380)first your runway must be capable and the thousands of people will unboard to the airport with needs and demands,so tou would need a capable airport of handling croud and it a good i dea?

I really like this list! I think we need some “Intermediate”-“Heavy” planes before we worry about more small ones. They should get priority now.

The devs are wanting smaller aircraft at this stage, the game is not ready for bigger aircraft yet

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I’ll speak for the little guys. Where I fly out of we have a huge amount of GA movement - would be awesome to have 210’s, 404’s, Chieftains, “Death Pencil” Metro’s plus other commuter category aircraft that would be a good stepping stone before the larger tubeliners

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Bombardier CS300 - brand new A/C


I would love to edit the first post and replace a big chunk of the long list of post 1 of this (new) thread because in the following link I have made a rather detailed list on “Airport Requirements” for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, (McDonnell) Douglas, Embraer and am now progressing to get the hard-to-find qualified data on ATR, BAE, Saab, Fokker and Russian models.

The link gets you to an excel table listing the major planes flying nowadays or in the recent years of the big airplane manufacturers as above. This list originated from the will to make a list expanding the idea I had in the first posting. It did quite develope, I find.


You will find tabs for each manufacturer and an “others” category stating the type specific data. More important are the last three tabs stating the “rules” of how planes are being categorized. ICAO Annex 14 is the base to set up aircraft boxes (for parking and gate space etc). That’s where this whole thing started off from.

I uploaded for everyone who is interested in such stuff, just like me, can have an idea of what’s what. All data is qualified and taken from qualified material. Links you find in the excel table lead to some of my source material.


That said, if anyone has links to share or has any info material which can help get information on Field Lengths/Actual Landing or Take-Off Distance, Range/Payload Tables, please do. Even if you are not sure if it is what I search for, I’ll see if I can pull out some data. Would be much appreciated. :smiley:
(this isn’t the only excel table I work on ;))

OMG…Really Huge… How many days did it take you to make it. And I want to know where u work. Please.

Great job
Thx a lot :smiley:

:joy: This all-new second version I’ve started late November after I felt there must be something regulated and then I found Annex 14 and since I worked only like 3 or 5 hours a week, average. Not too much. :smiley:
Highspeed internet and two screens help the workflow a lot, tho.

I work in the tourism industry for one of the large tour operators (hint: :yellow_heart:) in Europe. Not so much aviation related as you might hoped for… :smiley: But eventually I’d like to switch to aeronautic engineering. :airplane:

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