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Okay, so this may seem redundant, but I’m curious. All we’ve really seen in regards to baggage was the initial baggage belt system.

We all know there’s different types of baggage/luggage systems, so I’m curious about something here.

  1. Will we have to have a computer system of sorts to keep an eye on baggage?

  2. Will baggage only be handled UNDER the terminal, or can it be above/at ground?

  3. Will we have to design a “baggage approach system” as in, where the trains drop off the baggage?

  4. Will we have to have a baggage warehouse? I know some airports do, and wasn’t sure if ours would have to be that elaborate.

  5. I recall you guys saying that we could make our baggage system as complex or simple as we’d like, but what happens if there’s a baggage pile-up? Will it work itself out?

  6. Will we decide how large the baggage trains are, or is that based on airport and/or airlines?

  7. Would Baggage trains need their own priority lanes? (This one seems like a dumb question to me, but I wanted to ask)

I promise I’m not trying to be dumb, I’m just wondering how much work we’ll actually have to do with this. If anyone has anything they want to add on or say, by all means, join in!

On July there was a devblog about baggage system:


I did in fact see this! I was simply wondering if anything more had been done to it, and whatnot.

I imagine they will mention any major upgrades to it in a devlog so I think you might just have to stay tuned.

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I’ll try to give some answers on this, we’ve just started yesterday rebuilding the baggage system after the removal of the physics library so there’s indeed some things do think about…

  1. What do you mean? There’ll be live baggage statistics if course but do you mean like a dedicated management panel for it? Don’t know yet because we yet do not know the exact complexity of the system (we’re very agile)… :wink:

  2. There’s an undeground baggage belt which can be built anywhere!

  3. Right now we have a baggage bay item which included and offloading ramp and an onloding ramp, these have to be connected with baggage belts and service roads.

  4. Yes, most likely placed as a separate single item, more on how that’ll work later.

  5. We have not yet decided if a single bag will take up a specific area of the belt and simulate congestion, however this is most likely the case. Right now it does not but implemented code would allow it.

  6. Standard train right now is three carts and a truck. It’ll most likely automatically depend on how many bags the flight has and how many carts you have purchased.

  7. Priority lanes are not implemented, might be later but thats further down the development road. As of now, all vehicles share the same road.

As I said earlier, reconstrucrion of the baggage system began yesterday so expect some progress within this area over the coming weeks!


Awesome!! As for the first one, i meant like will we have to keep an eye on our system or will it be “automated” with a computer?

I’m glad you kinda cleared this up, as this is something that I found interesting! Can’t wait to see what else is in store!!

It’s of course automated but if there’s any issues with like congestion or a broken down piece of equipment, the player would be notified!


Interesting… can’t wait to try it out!

This seems like the most appropriate old thread to revive on the topic of baggage belts :stuck_out_tongue:

The current system of baggage handling seems a bit old-tech which would be good for a start out airport but would we eventually be able to upgrade to a better system (- YouTube) which would mean less bags falling off the line/failures/etc etc? Baggage storage whilst waiting for a flight a long time in the future and other features allow better management of the baggage on outgoing flights.

This could potentially be a few steps in the right direction towards cargo distribution (Could be an addition with that update to the game after launch).

Merging baggage on belts

With tilt tray you can evenly split a belt of bags, but to merge belts you can only connect a line perpendicular to it. This causes congestion and one line may stop for a long time before there is room on the main belt. Or the main belt will suddenly stop to let a line through. All in all ready unpredictable.

Maybe creating a “Merge” option for the tilt trays, where incoming bags are let into the main belt in a controlled matter.


There is of course the practical technicality that a tilter could not do this, but that is why this is game logic :slight_smile:

And I just want to second the idea that underground belts can cross overground ones, that would make life so much easier…

I think you should build a new parallel baggage belt since that belt is already overloaded, a merge function won’t solve the problem.

And I just want to second the idea that underground belts can cross overground ones, that would make life so much easier…

100% agree.

I think you should build a new parallel baggage belt since that belt is already overloaded, a merge function won’t solve the problem.

The problem is that when scaling up baggage handling you would want to merge bags to a central scanning/depot area and redistribute them later. A parallel belt will not work if the bag needs to be at the other end of the line. It would have to cross and thus join the belt.

I advice to build no more then 2 bays per security scanning and only connecting 3 medium gates. So 6 stands per scanning station. Meaning a maximum of 800 pax with an average of almost 1,6 bags I believe is 1280 bags per hour if you plan thightly. Seems a pretty heavy load for the system.

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