Make furniture movable

I don’t want to demolish and then place the same furniture one tile away again anymore! :smiley: Movement does not even need to happen instantly.


A pretty good idea tbh, haven’t thought of that but it would make a lot of sense. Will see if we can get it in down the road! :slight_smile:


Addition: allow furniture to be rotated when moving.

If you want to stick to the concept of having items built by contractors and not to happen instantly for this change (which is part of the uniqueness of the game in my eyes), you could think of implementing helpers for the movability of furniture:
when dragging furniture and dropping it to a new Location, create a Source and a destination marker. This would allow objects to be moved “in the future” and be non-blocking. We then could place/move other objects to places, where there is space or a source marker and deny building in areas occupied by a destination marker

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Lol, this was proposed the first day Alpha came online, haha. Nice to see @Olof picking it up now :smiley:

Good idea. but it schouldnt only be furniture.

I dont know if something similar is already planned, but i realy like how prison architect handles this. like stuff getting “packed” (you can choose between “demontage” and “demolish”.

right now i dont think it makes much sense that you need to totaly destroy your luggage belt just to move it per one block, for example when you want to expand it. a worker comes all the way to destroy it and then a second worker walks all the way to the loading zone and back.

of course this shouldnt work for walls, stands, roads and so on.


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