FBO's and the corporate side of airfields

Being an employee at a FBO (Fixed base operator) it would be cool to see them implemented in game. Especially since GA is in a way separate from main terminal.

You could have it where an FBO company i.e Signature, Atlantic Aviation, etc… would be a contracted tenant of an FBO building. The FBO building would have all the GA park on its ramp and be responsible for fueling operations and customer services. Have the FBO building be a “rabbit hole” where we’ll just see the aircraft movement and its employees. The airport would benefit from charging rent to the FBO company or contracting fuel to the company and from landing fees for aircraft.

Which also would have a system where aircraft have different landing fees depending on type.


Hi mate,

Sounds an interesting idea but does seem if it takes away somethings from the players control and subcontract some of the functions that we could have.

How about building a FBO building and control it as well. So make like a “staff room” for GA pilot to rest and maybe build a canteen for GA pilots. It could include an office for lodging flight plans.

Ultimately if VIP flight services and private jets were introduced this could be the base to establish these services from such as private lounge and other high end services.

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Could have it as an option if you want income from that side but don’t want to manage it.

Maybe you have two runways, one for GA and they can go straight to the FBO whilst you manage the larger airport side of things. Occasionally you can pop back to upgrade the stuff but you have the option of not micromanaging it if you want.

Hopefully multiple runways are already implemented. But yeah it would be a lot between managing airport and then FBO. FBOs are usually run privately. Airports make the money from them in rent and landing fees. You could even have option to contract fuel to FBOs.

I’d like to see what @Olof and @Fredrik have to say about implementing this at some point.

Multiple runways are in the game. They can be seen in the Pre alpha trailer

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That’s what I thought

I like the idea of FBO, but would prefer that we build the building, rooms etc. Then contract out the service, similar to shops in the terminal. That I think fits better with way Airport CEO is designed and gives the player control over it.


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