Wet textures when raining

I know that weather is still in its child shoes and that it not really had much attention.
But what I miss now is the lack of difference in the textures. If it rains, all stays dry, no wet tarmac or concrete, no darker trees, no puddles (grass and hard surfaces(placed on the map at random, interfering with any material except fundations?)) and no spray of the planes when landing, takeoff and taxiing (from wheels to surface or jet blast)
I believe this could add some extra realism to the game.


When editing the weather, please make an option to disable it, when you do so in the F10 menu it still shows.

For sure it would improve immersion a lot, but maybe once performance is vastly improved?

I agree with @jasperwillem though that you should be able to disable it entirely or certain elements. One idea would be possibly being able to disable the visual representation of rain.

Let devs make the game engine and gameplay better. After that; rain, snow, sandstorm, tropic storm etc effects would have possibilities to be implemented.

I agree on all of that, improving first, but I found it odd that it wasn’t mentioned before on the forum, snow was discussed a lot, but I couldn’t find anything about wet weather conditions.

Im linking this conversation to the features topic, since this request was on there, but without a discussion :slight_smile:

And deicing vehicles for the winter

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