Hotels or Fuel Stations

All International Airports have Hotels and fuel stations - what do you think about it? If you have a Good rating, you get better offers :slight_smile:


I like the idea of fuel stations.

Hotels, without multiple floors in the game yet, would be a bit weird. I’ve never in my life seen a hotel with one single floor in it. Speaking of hotels, if they are implemented in the game, I assume you’d have to build a room check-in area and everything. Having only one floor would be… unoptimal, I guess?

I kinda assume it would be a premade building you can’t see inside, and I’d rather it that way, it’s Airport CEO, not Hotel CEO. I’d prefer the devs spend their time working on airport content.


Some hotels are in the departure terminal area. I’m thinking of Singapore and there are others. Seems perfectly plausible to incorporate them into ACEO.

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Make Gas Stations and Hotels like empty shells that you can get a contract on. Just mark a “hotel” space and then have the builders build the hotel that is ordered by the contract, same with gas stations. Just mark the spot they are allowed to use. Say a 4 star gas station needs 16 blocks and a 5 star hotel 20 blocks.


Similarly to @jasperwillem’s idea, maybe have a premade “hotel room” item that takes up a whole room space and contains a bed, sink, TV, etc? That way, you don’t have to build the individual furniture and stuff, avoiding micromanagement, but you do get the freedom of picking your own room layout. The hotel contracts could require a certain amount of rooms, and all you have to do is meet that requirement.

That way a 4x4 block (or 8x2) all could have standard game hotels, and indeed, just like with shops and food stands, some influence in choices could add some charm to it. I would envision high grade hotels have a smaller amount of room space and more “common room”, so the added value in passengers would be minimal for the airport, but the room price would be high. Now only we need some kind of indicator on the dashboard of required hotel rooms*.

*In Airport Tycoon you got a “red” report if hotels or the flight tower was at capacity. Then you knew you had to build more of them.

I’d say that we begin with ‘external’ hotels and such. As in, zone an area where you want a particular building to appear (a la Sim city).
Each building would have some requirements (like road access, minimum size).

After that we could add player built stuff.

I was thinking

  • Hotels (later on build your own hotel rooms)
  • Offices (later on build your own office rooms)
  • Fuel station
  • Logistics buildings / Warehouses (perhaps joined in with the cargo buildings air side)
  • Aircraft construction plant (although most of that might be air side) and subsidiary factories (engines, seats, you name it)

Each of these could generate traffic in and of itself, but also to and from your airport.

tbh, if i look back at this… Not sure 6 tiles would be enough :slight_smile:


ok, let’s do it :wink:

I like this idea as well, but think it will come with multi-story terminals. I agree that many airports have their own hotel and fuel capabilities. We also should mention parking here.

Still would like this one! :slight_smile:


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