Airport Events

Here’s an idea…

Being able to host events if you’re a small airport. Events may include airshows or Motorsport races (and any others) that temporarily shuts down the airport and would pay out in the form of a contract. Of course, once an airport becomes too big (maybe 2+ medium stands) these events either cease or scale down significantly.

Feel free to suggest other types of events or limiting factors

As an airport , there will be all sorts of events. Weather ? Terrorist? I thinks yours suggest is just less like an airport.

When I mean events, I mean public events (such as airshows and races as I said earlier). And referring to " I thinks yours suggest is just less like an airport.", airshows are common events at small airports and Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport used to hold IndyCar races, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here…

A good idea, one that has been suggested before if one has the power to use the search function.

Hey Dave,

As Revolt said, events is something that has been discussed here before, so to keep the forums a bit tidy, i urge you to head over to the main topic and add your thoughts there :slight_smile:
For future reference, we made a topic with all ideas and links to a relevant topic (if there is one).

Keep those ideas coming :slight_smile: