Baggage handling improvements

This is a topic where we can discuss everything related to baggage handling and what we would like to see improved :slight_smile:

I.d like to add some suggestions made by Devildog71:

  • Detection of bag jams
  • Volume regulation (to ensure that input points are controlled to avoid overloading system)
  • Load balancing (Although this would be done with the tilt tray?)
  • Bag counting
  • Bag tracking
  • Redirection of bags via pusher or diverter (Tilt tray?)
  • Automatic Tag Reader (ATR) (Reads the tags on the luggage provided by the airlines)

As also discussed in several post:

  • Separate outgoing and incoming baggage bay and/or flip-able baggage bay.
  • Underground baggage bay. Meaning, not fully multi floor support, but you can hav the bag terminal underground and still make terminal above it.
  • Overground belt can pass underground belts.
  • Tilt belt both over and under ground. Not sure if this actually is supported now. I know if i build it inside a wall, it works.

I think that the conveyor belt tilt trays should not stop the entire baggage line when it shunts a bag to the side (it waits for the bag to exit the tile completely). Instead, I think it should behave similarly to the conveyor belt corners.

Here are the urgent issues according to my experience;

  • Departure baggages load to baggage cart at cargo bay too late. Devs said dep. baggages load to carts when there is 2 hours left to departure. It is not enough time if stand and/or vehicle depot is far away from bay.
  • It takes so much time for loading and unloading baggages to airplane. Maybe belt truck devs said would speed it up.
  • Overground and underground bagggae bays should pass within each other without diverting baggages in each other. A.K.A. belt bridge.
  • Baggage system doesn’t support advanced designs such as:

It is a complicated system that every baggage that goes to and from airplane are scanned AT LEAST 1 TIME by level 3 scanner. Unfortunalety game engine doesn’t capable of handling it.

  • Cargo bays, check in desks and stands should be able to be connected with multiple stands, multiple check in desks and multiple cargo bays.

Fully agree to your points, except one:

Why do you want to scan every incoming baggae?

If it is “because you can”, have fun and stop reading now. :wink:

I think this is not realistic. Theses days baggage regulations (for commercial flights) are internationally fixed so any incoming baggage is already scanned in same level at the airport where it comes from…

Another thing is customs, but this is normally (at least in europe) randomly done by leaving the country (in background before loading) or by customs staff when people are leaving baggage claim area. And that is done manually, or sometimes at first with a scanner, but always together with passenger (owner). Including that in baggage belt system feels wrong for me… Should be a seperate customs-station at baggage claim area exit - what I really would like to see in-game :slight_smile:

A real world bagga system : Ever wondered what happens to your bag at an airport? Behind the scenes at Heathrow Terminal 5 | Daily Mail Online

Very nice article. My system is like stone and sticks compare to this :wink:

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