Helicopters + Private jets?

Someguy over at reddit suggested implementing helicopters, I think it’s a really cool idea! =)

The helicopters would obviously need a helipad, helipad will be reserved manually, so you would have to handle customers with weird requests, it will be challenging but the money is worth it in the end.

Private jets are basicly the same story, just a different vehicle.


Helicopters have been asked about, not sure if there has been a specific response but there is GA which would potentially include private jets too, although I don’t believe the jets have been specifically requested…


Yeah, trying to lure him here :slight_smile:

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I guess private jets could work in a similar way that GA does

Private Jets and Helicopters should then need it’s own facilities. Private Jet passengers wouldn’t accept going through the general security area etc. Also in certain areas helicopters can be used to ferry people to and from offshore-facilities, thus needing it’s own check-in facility. Would be cool


As would special purpose helicopters like news, police, ambulance, etc

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Of course, you might have a onsite fire-brigade which can be upgraded to facilitate helipad ? or a emergency hub area of your airport that serves the city

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Good idea!
I did say, that private jets and helicopters would have weird requirement \ requests, like you said, a different terminal, maybe a minimum amount of trees in the area or something.

Yes Helicopters would be a good idea, like with aircraft you can set it too private or public and emergency.
Some examples that would make good commercial helicopters
Bell 525 Relentless
Airbus Super Puma
MIL Mi-26
Bell Agusta BA609

Would be perfect to implement an General Aviation Terminal (GAT) to handle private jets, GA Traffic and/or Helicopters, however if helicopters are implemented, how? Via landing helipads or runways? It is quite common in Europe for example to have helicopters land at a airport via the runway just like planes.

Then make Helipad too and General Aviation->Private Jets

I think is possible to have regular line with helicopters. Like IRL.

Like Air Greenland or some air shuttle. Some big air compagny have regular lines with helicopter in the 50’s 60’s.

In Belgium, Sabena have some helicopter in the past…

But may be this one it’s little bit too old school :sweat_smile:

That was the point i was looking on

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