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first i would like to say Thank You to the Devs ! This game is something i was looking for years. I really love it, also in this early stage !

Here is my short question:

Is there a summary of all ideas and/or suggestions of what should or could be in the game ?

I am asking this because i am reading very often in the topics some really good suggestion and ideas which could make the game more perfect and bring more depth into it.

Sorry for my bad writing.

Thanks !


Or just posts on topics “Feature voting” and “Ideas”. These are just post suggestions of course.
I hope that answered you question.

Thanks for your quick reply. I know this category but i am looking for a kind of summary for all Ideas. Maybe an excel sheet or anything similiar.

This topic by @pderuiter also contains some feature request topics, although it is not really updated anymore!

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Yes, someone should do a pickup on that :smiley:

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