Car parks in game

First: great game!
Second: I would like to know if car parks (both short and long term) will be present in ACEO. If yes how can you determine if a passenger will park only for few hours or for many days?


Not the dev, but determining long vs short is a matter of looking at some statistics and using an RNG

Yes, there’ll ultimately be both short term and long term parking, as well as parking buildings. Even though it his extremely unlikely that anyone would track wether a person who arrived in that vehicle actually picks it up a certain time later depending on that persons final destination, this is easy to implement.


Thank you! Very interesting!

Also will there be rental car companies and taxies for the airport?

Will you be able to set the prices for the parking and can terrorists leave car bombs in the parking lots?

Eventually yes, we’re hoping to implement this aspect but its not going to be part of any initial release I would assume.

Yes, you can set the prices for 15 minute, short term and long term parking.

We’re going to steer clear of any terrorist aspects of the game for the time being for natural reasons.


God to hear you’re avoiding terrorism. It’s too rare to really bother about and might set to upset some people. Its absence won’t be missed.

How will the car parks work for longer stays? Will passengers leave their car for a week and return to the same car later? Obviously that’s what happens in real life but it sounds complicated and resource intensive so I wasn’t sure if you’d use a simpler model?

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Yeah, exactly, that’s the main reason.

I can’t answer this fully yet since I don’t know, but the ambition is to have a realistic system where one parking lot equals space for one car. Honestly it would probably be more difficult to create some other kind of system and it would be pretty cool to have vast areas filled with vehicles. From a resource perspective we’re not talking about a lot of power that goes into representing a simple idle sprite. However, we’re also planning on implementing parking houses as a solid “click once place once” building where there’s no direct visual representation of each individual vehicle. Building a parking garage (house, whatever its called) will allow for much more congested parking than parking areas!


Thanks for answering my questions and I completely agree with the no terrorists in the game. I was just wondering, since that’s the type of stuff that airports around the world prepare for. But still I completely agree with you. Also My bad for asking about the terrorism thing, if I upset anyone please accept my humble apology.

No worries, its a valid question and it has been brought up before which is understandable since given the current political state of the world its a current topic. It’s always good to clarify such questions! :slight_smile:


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