One-way doors between different type of areas

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This feature request has been selected for implementation!

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I was wondering : Why is the baggage claim area out of the secure zone ?

In most european airports, you have to pass a one-way door to go from the terminal to the baggage claim area, but you are still in secure zone. Then you need to pass a second one-way door or one-way path to get out of the baggage claim area.

Could it be possible to correct that in the game ? Or at least, to create one-way doors (like those already existing in the game) that could be placed between two secure areas or two non-secure areas ?


North America and Australia have bag claim on domestic flights in non-secure. Not sure about Africa,South America and Asia.

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Well, probably because of the country sizes,but West & south European airports have much lower domestic rate then North America or Australia. Exception left aside.

But I agree,it feels kinda strange that people who just checked in, walk up stream and go sit in my baggage claim hall.

It depends on the size of the airport as well I think. In Norway its common to claim you baggage outside secure area when you travel domestic. International flights you will go outside the secure zone, but its common to have a one way door (not a secure one way door) to get out of the claim area (after custom zone).

Yeah, I’d like to see this.
At the moment, I have passengers walk to the airport before check-in opens and go and sit in my packed-out (way too small) baggage reclaim area. I’d like to be able to do it in the European method.

Usually its on the other side of the terminal check in area or different ‘room’ or floor level. So its not logical check in people go there.

In the game a have large area with seatings near the check in where they wait. You need seatings for all or they go find a place to sit down when they get tired. Same with gate seatings… and then they turn up late for boarding.

Yup, my whole airport is too small for the flights it’s taking so they overflow into baggage claim

In fact, in Europe, bagage claim area is outside the terminal secure zone but is inside a kind of other secure zone, where you cannot access from the entry hall. Furthermore, that’s were customs services stand. These things could be nice in the game.


One-way doors will be superb to keep the correct PAX flow.


Just fyi everyone that this topic has sort of been discussed in this thread here:

Where the baggage claim is (secured or un-secured) generally has to do with whether or not the airport is serving as a first point of entry to that country whereby bags need to clear customs additionally.

I believe from what I’ve read elsewhere that the devs actually already have an ‘International Baggage Claim’ in the game, but not yet available as a feature. I am not sure how accurate it is but I think it’s in the pipeline. That said, one way doors would be most helpful regardless :slight_smile:


One-way doors will prevent my stupid passengers to walk, with a hot-dog, through all the airport, to sit down in the baggage claim area only to stand up and go back to check-in desk :slight_smile: (of course the brand new arm chairs are already just next to that ‘fast-food restaurant’).


I feel like one-way doors could be used to prevent arriving passengers from “coming back out” the departure stands i.e. segregate international flights :slight_smile:

A good idea, one way doors! :ok_hand:

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“Up” Really would like this :smiley:

I think it’s scheduled; if mult-ilayer airports do, they will be used to separate incoming and outgoing flows.

So I expect one way stairs, doors, gates, lifts…

I would like to see this so i can separate my arriving and departing passenger, it doesn’t matter where i position my secure exit the passenger go to the nearest available door and cross my airport, it would be great if they followed my side walk to the only stand exit to go straight through to my secure exit.

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It’s the same for some Norwegian airports such as Tromsø.

I too voted for this :slight_smile:
Don’t like it when pax going for a burger at the check in area while their bags are just waiting to be picked up.

one way doors will make sure they won’t be able to get out before getting their bag
(and other people awaiting to check in away from my baggage claim area seating)


I think it is a crucial feature to optimise your passenger flow. I think it could and should be implemented as part of the new terminal and floors update because of the anyways necessary pathfinding algorithm rework. Zone-indipendent one-way doors or signs could be like a one-sided wall for passengers, so that the player can design paths which will be taken for sure.

One way doors are needed as are one way escalators, they do however present other issues that need to be resolved first.

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I could get behind a baggage claim only Zone