Transport destinations (land side)

One of the problems we have now is that people all queue for the same bus basically.

My idea is that the game generates destinations for vehicles. This would mean you have a bus stop for a specific destination. And all passengers will queue for the bus to that destination.

This would not need to be very difficult to do:
For each bus stop a ‘line is created’. Each passenger gets assigned a line, thus spreading them out.


This would solve some of my problems with too many people waiting for the same bus, you can have destinations like: Bus Station, Train Station, City Center, etc. Nice I would like something like this.


We could be really smart and generate a list of suitable destinations for each city as assigned within the game - nearby towns in addition to the main city.

For example, Liverpool could generate buses to Southport, Preston, Chester, Wrexham, Llandudno. Glasgow could generate buses to Stirling, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Paisley. Select a handful of destinations for each city that the game assigns you and you’ll probably get a vaguely realistic bus network most of the time.

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Would be wonderful. But then a game balance issue arrises :slight_smile:
It means that thebplayer has to really look where he places his airport. He might get no bus lines if he is too far away.
This might not be bad, but is a consideration :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everywhere basically give your airport a city (even if your pin is actually miles away from said city)?

I’ve just plonked a pin down in a small Scottish town named Elgin, which the game has correctly identified as being close to Lossiemouth (which is an RAF base nearby, presumably why the game mentions it). Lossiemouth is not exactly a city, but you could use the tag to generate bus routes to nearby locations (Inverness, Buckie, Elgin, Aberdeen, Dufftown perhaps for my example). These would probably have to be manually input for each “city” in the game, but would most likely generate a vaguely realistic bus network.

Well why not make bus companies sign contracts with the airport? In the case of Scotland, I’m sure national express will send coaches (or the equivalent in the game) and there will be local buses for sure to cities such as Aberdeen etc. I think that will be more realistic and it’ll be cool to see buses from longer distances. I’ll like to personally see double decker buses and coaches, not these American school buses. I’m sure that’s for later though :wink:

In my save they pick their bus stop rather randomly. I have 12 of those. Sometimes a queue to one or two bus stops is more noticeable but generally I have all my bus stops in use.

Destinations you are talking about could be also something like:

  • a bus to different car parks (connected like baggage area to baggage ramp)
  • a bus to local towns
  • a bigger bus to a bigger city(s)
  • a bus for staff to staff car park (they should implement the cars being left on a car park by staff or passengers (paid))
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In Hong Kong international, There are two part of the bus station: Arrival to the airport and Main station holding many ready to use bus.

I also think this topic should be raised again! But with a slightly different edge.

When you start with a small airport there should not be one bus every 30 minutes because there simply isn’t that demand.

The idea, would be to have contracts for different coachservices. These should have star ratings as well. where more stars equals more departures per day from your airport. The CEO could sign multiple contracts to get even more departures per day. The relations with the bus company will/could rely on how many passengers that is being transported, Arrival and departure punctuality (this can be moderated via street accessibility, number of busstops etc)
And if you reach a certain passenger number that has been transported, the Airport gets a small cut of the coach company profit. (Just like the shop/cafe contracts)

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