Airport Location and Geography

I think that we should have cool geography locations, like something like Sint Marteen with the beach then runway. Does anyone else have any cool geography locations that they think would be cool for an airport.

Look down for campaign mode

Would be cool to have, but I don’t think that it would be a priority

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Well they could do a campaign mode where u have to build a airport in different areas and see if u can get a certain passenger level.

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I would like to name my airport too,geography would be a good factor on some thing i would not like the geography because it reminds me some awful games but it would uld be nice

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I think that we need some geography in the game so we can get realistic routes

Thx guys for your comments

Since we are looking to evolve the current map we hope that an evolved map system will allow CEOs to decide the airport’s location by coordinates (either direct input of via mouse) and that the playable world biome will be generated based on the selected coordinates.

Will this be a part of the initial release? Most likely no, but it’s a pretty good end-goal in terms of development.


Would be cool to use Google Map or something to generate ‘realistic’ terrain

I think the starting point also should affect the difficutly in the game. Like if you select a far away place, the game should be harder because of a remote area and less interest there.


Again don’t make it too complicated. Where I select where I want my airport geographically (or from a list of potential cities) should maybe influence weather (fog, snow, rain), simple terrain (grass, mountain, desert, ocean, city), and potential market if you wanted an advanced economic mode. However it would be cool if I could put my airport wherever I want (even if it didn’t play too significant a role).

The other point by @Matyi10012 is you could select airport locations based on level of gameplay. “Easier options” include airports with flat approaches, easy geography, good weather) while “more difficult” options include weather, fog, mountains, less contracts/demand etc.

The focus of this game seems to be on the actual airport so maybe the location isn’t critical at this stage.

Keep it simple and the answers will be easier!

Hi Otter. This is a bit of an old thread unfortunately and the system has already changed. In Gameplay Video 3 we saw that you are now given a map of the earth and place an airport wherever you like on that. At the moment at least, I don’t think where you place the airport has any bearing on the terrain you’re given, but will affect the flights that are offered to you.


Thanks @me123!

I was throwing ideas out from a different airport games for the developers for the future. I watched the video, listened to the comments, read the forums and that is where I ended :wink:

To be honest I am happy that I can put my airport in a place of my choosing. The other stuff were ideas to throw out there.

Thanks for the comment!

I was asked to port this over from a Steam Discussion. It appears from the threads moderated this would be most appropriate location for the topic.

#5 - You’re using the world map to show location of your airport, why not use roadway concentration to determine Customers and Worker Pools. If you put your airport out in a cornfield, it should be harder to fill larger planes. Hence, smaller planes would be more prosperous in that situation. Then if you put it in the middle of Denver, and it would not be advantageous to use small planes.”

A fairly simple image recognition program could use a Cursor (Area of Influence) to select the location to determine a % of contrasted color. The land is a color code #Fffff and anything not #Fffff is road, with #Fgggg being water and is deducted or Added to land to determine a 1-100 scale to effect other variables in generation of content for the game. Low % more Small Aircraft traffic and limited Med/Large Aircraft traffic. Scaling up to the opposite at a High %. You could make it more complicated by changing mountains to another value, and thus again effecting the base economy and so on and so on.

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