Hello, I havent bought your game yet but I have watched a lot of youtube videos! (I canโ€™t afford the game because of some issues with my private life)

First off, I think it would be cool to add pathways (Recommended routes and chill places, Like real airports)
I would also love to see better contracts with shops if Iโ€™ve got it right it seems to me like they want to sell x amount and then they just leave. It would be better if they would sell x amount and then pay you x amount and you need to keep them satisfied or they will leave and give you a penalty.
I do not know but can you add aircraft like a380s and b747-800? (I havent seen them but they may be in the game in a later stage)

Sorry if my recommendations already are ingame, As I said. I can not afford it and simply watch youtube videos and I am saving up for it. I hope you agreed to some of my points tho since I would love to know if I was wrong (If something was ingame already for example how the contracts work and the aircraft already ingame)

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: these are all excellent ideas that are indeed not in the game yet :slight_smile:

Do look at this topic to see what else has been suggested so far:
The big topic of features and where to find them

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