Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion

Hello guys, EG0611 here,

AirportCEO Mod Manager project is unfortunalety dead for over a year. If you want to play with mods you should check Steam Workshop and Modding Section

Although you can still access to ACEOMM via following link. However no more support or new features will be implemented.



wow, that’s a great tool

I like all those typical Dutch names lol

Nice work mate

This only edits the available .json files I presume? Will, if/when we get more complex mods that potentially change large proportions of the base game code will your manager be equipped to handle those?

I create json files. I have a local storage with all the data, when you press install, i create the json files in the appropriate place.

This way, if the format changes, i don’t have to change all the json files, just the export function.

This tool will grow with the modding potential, so when the time comes… who knows… At this time what this tool can change is all you can change in ACEO


Wow, great job! :smiley: I think it could work really well.


Now of course i’m hoping that you could send me more of the file layouts…:smiley:
If you are interested / have input on this, send me a PM :slight_smile:


When you say install you mean just checking that check box right? And it would automatically load the company’s into the game?? How would we then go about getting the rid of the games default businesses?

Well, you don’t check the box (yet) that’s there for visual aid only, you press a button, but yes, the game would load those companies.

I’m fairly certain that the default companies are in that same folder, so it would be a matter of removing them.
The only thing that could happen, is that after an update, the game re-adds the default companies. When the time comes, i’m sure we can come up with a satisfactory solution :slight_smile:

When the time comes the program will perhaps be able to do that for you (and put them back if you change your mind)

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And you said you would make a tutorial and show this right? Like a video? Sorry I suck at this stuff.

Yes, when the game is released and i have had a moment to check that this thing … you know… actually does what it says on the tin… :smiley:

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But where is the program share link??:sweat_smile:

Nice Work…

Congrats on being the first mod developer of ACEO

lol. It started as a prototype. I’m cleaning up the code and it’s not ready for the public yet. Besides… i don’t even know if it actually works :slight_smile: I mean, it creates the files and folder structure alright, but i have to test it against the actual game files first :slight_smile:

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Same as Game releasedate… no, 2 days delay… @pderuiter I guess u need 2 days to enjoy the game first.


That would be appreciated yes :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! I’ve started preparing some files and logos for release on my own but now I won’t have to and can just use this awesome tool! Thank you for your hard work! :smiley:

I was thinking of starting a topic where we can bundle everyone else’s hard work as well :slight_smile:
Making the program is one thing… Populating it with data is another… :wink:
Current tally:
19 Restaurants
8 banks
33 airlines
16 contractors
5 AV suppliers

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Now that’s a neat solution. Bringing the community together around this could really increase the company diversity in the game in a pretty cool way.

Looking forward to using it myself, lol…


Airlines mods are possible??