Custom airlines/cargo/staff hiring

Great game, please keep up the good work!
My suggestions:

  1. introduce a custom airlines feature whereby users can create their own airlines based on aircraft templates. SimAirport has that and it´s really the only advantage they currently have over you.
  2. introduce cargo flight operations
  3. improve the staff hiring and operating system by making it more transparent. I have noticed that operating problems are always due to staff shortages and the inability to deploy staff as I liked, and not to bugs or other technical problems. At my first ever aiport everything worked fine including the baggage conveyor system, except boarding because my airport staff preferred ot man the info and check-in desks and I couldn´t do anything about it. Also, while the shift system is totally realistic, together with everything else it turns staff hiring into total guesswork. By the way, my upper management was sitting around most of the time complaining they had nothing to do.
    I don´t know where to report bugs so I´ll do it here
  4. some aircraft stands would not report a connection to taxiways despite being connected in the correct way including taxiway nodes. I had to demolish and rebuild the stands to make them work.
  5. I had built a leave-secure-area-exit to the tarmac and a small security check-point from tarmac to terminal building all within a designated staff area so that ramp agents could enter and leave the building to do their work and to relax in the staff room. They happily left the building but piled up at the security checkpoint without re-entering the building together with other staff and a few passengers (which shows that apparently passengers don´t respect the staff area zoning). Removing the security check-point and designating the entire area as a security area helped with most but not all the staff to make them re-enter the building, but not the led-astray passengers. In any case there seems to be something wrong there.
  1. When modding to the game is implemented, this community will work on ACEOMM (Airport CEO Mod Manager) program. Data is currently ready
  1. Devs said it will be implemented in future.

out of interest why would you want to manage your own airline when your trying to run an airport?

i couldnt think of anything worse?

I didn´t mean actually running an an airline but simply being able to do graphics work on the ailine templates that already exist as part of the game so as to be able to rebrand them as, say, “Lufthansa” or whatever so that you can introduce airlines into the game that actually exist. SimAirport has that feature, it gives the game an even more realistic feel and it´s great fun.

Great, thank you!

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