Airport CEO Alpha 23.5 released

Can you both send your save and output_log to

I think I’ve found the issue as another save was sent to me, looking into it now but if I don’t get any saves from you before I’m done I will push this update and hope it fixes your issues too, otherwise they’ll be handled in the next deployment! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty confident you all had the same issue, 23.5-3 is being deployed now.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 23.5-3


  • [ACEO-2916] - Scene message "Loading..." text not disappearing on load
  • [ACEO-2917] - High speed conveyor belt trays picked up by passengers at baggage claim
  • [ACEO-2918] - Deserialization issue causing several objects to disappear
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My game is working again thx very much.

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First skin mod (beta):+1:

Sir have you considered to be a part of Airport CEO Mod Manager? Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion


I just noticed that at 23.5-3 janitors and serviceman got stuck on my security check. Do you have it too?

Yeah. I’ve reported it to the bug tracker, but security seems to have confiscated all the janitors and technicians tools and wont give them back! :wink:

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Yeah, same here I’m afraid.


Ok more + 1

in v23.5-3,
There are no stars in airline offer/contracts page.
Also, contract details don’t show flight type (small or medium flights)
I don’t have small stands, so how will I choose medium stand flights/contracts ?

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i you only have medium stands you wont get offers for small stands so all of your contracts should work on a medium stand. the stars have been changed by planes.

Alas not. I’ve had to do an emergency build a small stand now several times as they sneaked a small flight in there.

green dots of luggages are not visible inside baggage claim area and check-in conveyors.
I think they are all not visible when luggages are overground conveyors.
it was very useful

ok. i didnot had that problem yet.

no @klaasg
there are small stands contracts, even if I don’t have any small stands

then i was lucky i did not have that yet

I’m sticking with Air S or Nordic for my contracts right now as I know they don’t include small flights.

And what do you say about it ?