Airport CEO Alpha 23.6 released

I found the issue, had named the livery Trinity Airlines instead of Trinity Aviation. :slight_smile:

Edit: Trinity Aviation is the revised version of Indian Aviation due to our country neutral policy.

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I demand to see legal documents of this policy!!! just kidding :wink:

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Well I am pretty patient, but I somehow think that 4:36 is kinda long for loading the game :open_mouth:

From the time I hit the load game, it was only a few seconds before I heard the background noises, but a total of 4:36 before the LOADING word went away and my airport appeared…

Now I do have all map areas unlocked so dunno if this could be causing it or not, but just thought I would mention it… :grin:

Specs: egosoft sig new

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Ooooooo Air New Zealand… - Sure hope you still got my e-mail address :rofl:

I do. Will be doing Qantas as well as a few others that visit Wellington as well.

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I don’t suppose you’ve thought about helping the Unofficial ACEO Mod Manager? We could so with some talented real-life airline designers! :grinning:

I have. I tried unsuccessfully to try and get it working on the Mac.

I actually meant designing some real-life airlines for us. We have over 500 to get done…the more designers, the merrier!

Where is alpha 24 ??
I thought its comming this afternoon?

It has, running it now. Was shocked to see 24 drop as well.

Ah OK cool, is there something New ? :slight_smile:

That what I came here for, too see if there was any release note and saw your post :slight_smile:

Only just reloaded. I’m currently switching between Photoshop, quoting and saving as I build out the fleet. Got a rough 737-800 done now thanks to the help sorting the modding out. Thanks @Fredrik and @josuesleyer.

I’ll happily share what I do get through yes.


Wow - that is one sweet aircraft! :grinning:
I look forward to seeing the Mod Manager’s airlines come to life! :smile:

Nice work!

How did you apply colour to fuselage? Colour Replacer tool or layer overlay blend, or some other method? Also, how come the wings/winglets and tail section are not included for editing?

Many thx.

I used the Color Overlay function as part of the layer style.

Wings are not included I’m afraid. But on ANZ the wing are white anyway. The winglets are corporate though.

Qantas 737-600 arrived now. Very rough on the tail though so will have to be redone to a high standard.


sweeeeeeeeet :sunglasses:

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v24.0 [exp]

  • better performance (but still inadequate, I consent 10fps :frowning:
  • better PAX distrubution to security queues
  • still, fuel trucks don’t refuel aircrafts at stands, only waiting by side at stands
  • sometimes can’t click airline contract’s “Accept” buttons
  • after some time of playing (30-60 minutes), info window’s details (stands, baggage bays, shops etc) are gone. they are empty of buttons etc.

What are those red ! on the airplane means

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