In Release version, there must be a challenge

ok, good game, good genre. congrats. (also I’m an aviation professional)

I love micro management and I’ve been playing tycoon/economic simulators from rail road tycoon 1 with sid meiers also, I think it’s for 20 years maybe more. you can’t belive that what I planned for years for tycoon games.

I have a good planned airport,
airlines are happy,
passengers are happy,
I have too much money,
I can do everything whatever I want.

so, what is the subject ?

in release version, there must be a challenge.

Be patient, things are just not implemented yet. I asked about this here for example:

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Game will still have new features. So far known are: Remote stands, incidents, repair and maintenance of airplane, satellite terminals with new transport methods and harder gameplay features.

Also ACEOMM is under development so you can have real airlines in your airport.

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