Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion

I can add airlines yes, but i can’t link airplanes yet

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Not possible yet.

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Can I suggest you get the information from the community realism mod. There’s something on here but I’m not sure how to link it to here.

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Good idea, thank you :slight_smile:

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This is a wonderful tool! Compliments!

Wow! Impressive!

This is looking like a really great idea, glad to see so much community involvement in the content side of things.

I would be happy to help in terms of interface and experience design to make it look slick and easy to use, perhaps for some time in the future if you ever wanted some help.

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Right, it’s been a little while :wink:

I’ve done some polishing of the program to make it easier to use (i used it myself with the mod data project, so yeah… ‘eating your own dog food’ really helps)

The new and improved main page:

Quite colorful :slight_smile: Every type of business has a color to easily distinguish them.

  • Light yellow is a franchise
  • Green is a bank
  • Gray is a contractor
  • Light orange is fuel suppliers
  • Light blue is airlines
    You can filter And sort on any column. Sorting on multiple columns is supported as well. For now i removed the grouping, since that is not really needed anymore.

I filtered on country = netherlands, sorted on type first, then on name. This should make it easy enough to find anything you’re looking for

To the left is the mods list. In the google sheets we call it a region, but it’s actually a mod. It’s a hierarchical view, so opening it up shows you every business that is in the mod, as well as any product in a franchise.

To the right is the product list. Nothing fancy here yet, although there is a bit of functionality we’ll get to later.
Double clicking in the tree or any of the grids, opens the edit view of that thing.

for example the business edit view… Each edit view has multiple tabs.
The general tab contains the name, description, etc. for a type. The basic stuff you’re interested in.
Next up: the logo tab
If there is an url, you can click the .DL button to download it or in case that fails, the … button to go to that page so you can download it yourself. You can also select a file locally, it will then be copied to the right place and shown on this tab.

Some businesses have additional information, this is on its own tab. In this case an airline also has an IATA and ICAO code
And last but not least, the system tab is where you can see the unique key and the status, keep your own notes and enter an author and / or version number here.
There is also the Allow Edit checkbox. If you uncheck this, you cannot change this business anymore, neither by import or manual, until you recheck it.

A mod has a businesses tab, where you can select what businesses are in this mod, either by double clicking, or clicking the arrow buttons. I’m still debating if filtering is needed here. Sorting is present though.

A product also has a businesses tab, where you can easily select all franchises that should have this product

Now here’s the special part
A product has a type, which is the same type used for franchises.
If you make a product a certain type (i.e. Shop), you can not add it to any franchise that is not a shop. This is most handy, since i ccan imagine ACEO might complain if you try to introduce the same product twice…
It does not check the import though, so some manual cleanup is needed. I will push these changes to the google sheets later on as well.

Back to the main view, at the top there is a row of buttons. (courtesy of for the free images)

In order they

  • Add a new mod

  • Edit a thing you selected in the tree (mod, business or product)

  • Remove a thing you selected in the tree (mod, business or product)

  • Install a mod

  • Uninstall a mod

  • Add an airline, fuel supplier, bank, contractor, franchise

  • Edit a business

  • Remove a business

  • Add a product

  • Edit a product you selected in the right grid

  • Remove a product you selected in the right grid

When closing the program you will be reminded to save your data if you haven’t done so already.

The file menu allows you to Save your data, import data and quit.

Result of my latest import:

You can see modified and new businesses. (my previous count was 975, so i got quite some new ones).

When you install a mod several things happen

  • The program read all existing business and product information already present in your ACEO install folder.
  • Check if there is anything there this program did not add
  • Check if the names of these unknown things match what you are about to install
  • Bail out and tell you it cannot install and which business / product is the culprit.

This looks wonderful, really professional! Great work!

Wow. This is some great work. Can’t wait for the game to release so that I can build an airport filled with the Indian restaurants and shops that I submitted.
This is going to be a great addition to the game.


@pderuiter will have to let us know if he thinks the game is close to release or not. If he hasn’t come across any more bad bugs it may be near.

You put some great afford to make this. Great work @pderuiter . If i have ideas of airlines or something i will let you know. ( Looks like everything is in already :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Oh no, not everything… we need more restaurants and shops…many more… :slight_smile:


Yes i know, i mean everything is already in what i have in mind haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Now create a Mac version too and I’ll be happy :wink:

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:frowning: I’m sorry, this one is Windows only.
Then again, the files that it produces are platform independent (although line endings… mmm…).

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Why not make a website then?

Olof liked jeremys post…does this mean he wants a mac version too…? And that brings up a good question…which platform did they make this game on?

The game is Windows and Mac (and possibly Linux in the future)

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Because this program was free for me to make, hosting a website with any traffic it generates would not be free :slight_smile:

Besides, i’m a lousy website maker