The Airport CEO Experimental Branch

Hello airport CEO!

The Airport CEO Experimental Branch has now been made publicly available and is open for anyone to join in on to test the latest bug fixes and features of Airport CEO. But beware, the experimental branch might pack unsuspected bugs that have not been thoroughly tested!

The Experimental Branch Workflow

The purpose of the experimental branch is to make the default stand more stable. The experimental branch workflow looks like this:

  1. A stable version is deployed to the default branch (a pre-requisite step for the experimental branch to exist)

  2. Bug reports on the latest version gets collected and sent to us

  3. Bug prioritization and planning determines what we do next

  4. Work progresses and bugs get solved together with other improvements and new feature implementation

  5. Once one, or several, critical bug fixes has been implemented or when a new feature is ready the experimental branch will get updated and an official and public notice will be issued. The experimental branch will always have a more recent, or equal, version number as to the default branch.

  6. Once the experimental branch packs a certain number of fixes and improvements to fullfil the version number change and is deemed stable it will deployed to the default branch and the cycle will restart.


  • The experimental branch will always feature a more un-stable version of Airport CEO.

  • The experimental branch will always have a more recent version number than the default branch, except for when the experimental branch has been copied to the default branch.

  • Public announcements will be done when the experimental branch is updated, except for when the first new experimental version is available after a default branch launch.

  • We always recommend backing up your save before playing on experimental branch.

Enabling the Experimental Branch

Follow this guide to opt in to the experimental branch:

  • In your Steam library, right click on Airport CEO and click on “Properties”
  • Click on the “BETA”’ tab
  • Change the drop down to “experimental”

If you experience any critical bugs that render the game unplayable you can always opt out of the beta program and reinstall the game, which will bring you back to the stable version. Reinstalling the game does not affect your save games in any way.

Bug reporting for the Experimental Branch

Please report bugs per usual (with the save included!) and try to input the correct version number.

We will use this thread to briefly update you when we’re pushing notable changes to the experimental branch. Any questions, issue or suggestions you have regarding the experimental branch can be asked here.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in ACEO! :airplane:


@Olof I just tried opting into the beta branch a few min ago and it updated so I’m assuming there is a patch on their already?

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Yes, 0.22.2 has been patched for the stand bug already.

Ok thanks I’ll give it a test as I had the passenger stuck on stand bug. Thanks :+1:


As far as I see, they wait a couple of minutes on stand then they walk to terminal.

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Yes, they have an internal error handling procedure they go through and this case of them ending up on the stand is quite unusual so it takes some time for them to process… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Olof
Will subscibe directly and hopefully find some bugs soon to report ;D

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Getting a weird graphical bug on the flight planner with this new patch and my recurring flights have disappeared from the planner. Is it me?

Nope, several people are having this bug

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Ok, hadn’t seen it before

Yup, new bug with experimental branch. I’ve reported (as has probably everyone else). Unfortunately it’s pretty much game breaking, which does highlight the risks of using the experimental branch. But happy to help the devs nevertheless :slight_smile:

Also having a problem with shop contracts since upgrading - the game doesn’t recognise cashier desks in the zoned shop area so won’t let you sign any contacts - bug again reported.

Yep reported it and hopefully we will get a 22.3 soon :wink:

Patch for experimental is deployed.

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Patch fixed tilted flight planner bug.

EDIT: I have played with my the latest save for 30 min and I haven’t seen any issues with the latest patch.

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How do I get the newest update with the fixed planner? Is It 22.3? Yes, I’m running the experimental version.

It’s still 0.22.2. Just wait for steam to update your game. You will have to exit the game for that.

I’ve exited the game and steam about half dozen times… even switched back to main stream version then back to experimental version…

Will subscribe when in home