Airport CEO Alpha 0.22.X released

Experimental Branch Version 0.22.3

Patch notes as of 2017-10-21:

  • Further improvements to sprite packing to increase performance
  • Fuel truck and tank capacity incorrect
  • Jet A1 service toggle cannot be disabled
  • Lacking null reference handling on bank loan container can temporarily break UI functions
  • Lacking null reference handling on product procurement can temporarily break UI functions
  • Minor correction on selection controller to avoid multiple objects invoking selection in one click
  • Null reference exception on room reset can cause rooms to lock down and become inaccessible
  • Weird numbers in person though bubble
  • Issue with boarding procedure can cause deadlocked passengers
  • New Selection Highlighting System: Click on an object to see which persons or vehicles are interacting with it
  • Delivery sites connected to unbuilt road causes delivery deadlocks
  • GA planes sometimes does not request fuel which causes tutorial to stall
  • Routes are now generated more realistically and fuel levels are more realistic
  • Updated icons to show aircraft size in flight planner
  • New service truck and baggage cart
  • Aircraft request fuel values changed (new flights should request more fuel)
  • Refueling does not decrease fuel content on fuel truck
  • UI freeze when bag or person is destroyed or disabled
  • Save games in loading panel not ordered by recent date time
  • Luggage cart turn simulation improved
  • Added new aircraft type ATR 42 and A320
  • Fix to path finding bug
  • A320 should now spawn on 3 star contracts (Swiftly, Maple, Air Strada)
  • Jetway alignment issue on ATR 42


  • Employees with tools cannot pass security
  • Ramp agent sometimes not load all bags in baggage bay
  • Bags for departing passengers are not serialized
  • 737 mysteriously spawn in terminal
  • CLM livery wrong

v0.22.3.5 Oct 28th 2017:

  • Fixed issue with passengers getting stuck in staff zone
  • Fixed issue with construction workers getting stuck when leaving the airport
  • Lost deliveries are not processed correctly
  • Improved path finding thread calculating (still experimental)
  • Stationed employees picker appear on small security check-point
  • Construction queue calculation not correct rendering “construction demand exists” label to show incorrectly
  • Boarding procedure at random not correctly taking leaving passengers into account
  • Prevent baggage toggle in operations overview from being toggleable at all if requirements are not met
  • Franchise staff do not leave counters upon completion of contract
  • Medium stand parking fee slider references small stand parking value

v0.22.3.6 Oct 30th 2017:

  • Path finding tweaks (most of our time has been spent on this).
  • Fix delivery truck stuck
  • Added staff job task overview info
  • Zone will no longer spawn underneath walls.
  • Runway can now be upgraded to concrete as well.

v0.22.3.6 Oct 30th 2017:

  • Different font and text size in build menu for 1366 width resolutions
  • Issue with building and dragging wall

Alpha Oct 31th 2017:

  • Reduced volume in start menu
  • Changes to threading in path finding (hopefully to prevent crashes)

Alpha Nov 4th 2017:

  • New vehicle management panel (note it may seem all vehicles are broken but they still work fine, ignore that message for now)
  • Fixed: Game menu panel appearing when pressing escape with bulldozer tool selected
  • Fixed: Four additional road pieces on pre-built world road added to prevent delivery and contractor site deadlocking
  • Fixed: Management panel scrollbar not displaying correctly on certain panels
  • Fixed: Building two lines fences next to each other and then removing one of them does not update sprite of remaining fence
  • Fixed: Structures can be bu built on top of each other if concrete tile is placed underneath
  • Fixed: Vehicles using closed vehicle depots
  • Sprite improvements for concrete
  • Fixed a critical issue that was rolled out with the flight planner

Note that patch notes will be updated continously as we add new bugfixes and content.

Read more about the experimental branch here:


No update here for me :frowning:


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WOW now there are way many more flight contracts. I love it :smiley:


Good list guys. Were you still looking into the lag spikes at 58 after every hour? Olof thought that would be a quick fix. Thanks!

So you guys have already hired a new designer? :open_mouth:


Minor issue with macOS, will inform once up.

Edit: macOS should be up now.

More on that on monday! … :wink:

@Thorozar, sorry, haven’t had time to check it out.


So what I noticed are:

  • I don’t see FPS improvement. Actually I had FPS decrease after update. Does anybody else have seen?
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Aah, two planes in love.


I just got home, and getting more into it. Will Update if I notice something! Good Work Developers!!

I always love your updates! So awesome! :smiley:
There are also some new Airports or towns, right? I noticed some new destinations and origins of aircrafts near South Africa. Or is it just coincidence? :slight_smile:

You are right, we have included medium and small airports for GA. This should prevent the weird routes that were generated when selecting an airport in a remote area.

Great! Makes it even more exciting to watch where the “new” planes come from! :slight_smile: :+1:


fuel levels are more realistic

Not sure what you mean by that, but when my fuel truck is feeding fuel to the plane, the truck also gains fuel.

My A1 truck: before refueling 7,583, after 7,995 (12 Liters gained).

The Avgas100 truck, which now can refuel GA planes in 0.22.3 in Keflavik, is also still at 20k.

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the new artwork is beautiful! I have the same issue as EG0611, where when i deselect the cargo bay the baggage stays marked. I also have the issue for passengers, they stay marked :slight_smile:

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Updated icons to show aircraft size in flight planner :smile:

performance got worse, again, at my airport, too.

furthermore I’m now seeing strange staff behaviour about my security checkpoints. not manned, even if I have way to much security staff…

Whether 0.22.3 is released?

“Routes are now generated more realistically and fuel levels are more realistic” >> Does this apply to those airports in Asia? :smiley:

I don’t see the update, its still 0.22.2