The Final Things the Game Needs

The last things I think ACEO needs! Please note that most of these have their own topic with more details so go check them out! This is just a compilation of the features I think are most needed before 1.0. These may include big stuff and smaller things too :smile: ! Let’s get started:

  • Flight Planner Templates! Very important and realistic and will help the flow of airports :slightly_smiling_face: See full topic here:

  • Irregular shaped rooms: Self-explanatory, the topic is here:

  • Borrowing emergency vehicles or just smaller buildings: Also self-explanatory…

  • Modding support! I think this will allow the game to expand on its own and gain lots more amazing player-made things! Topic:

  • To be added soon…

Thanks, and let me know what you think!


Batch - Hiring of staff, for a fee.

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I disagree. Now developers need to fix bugs as much as possible and release the game. 5 years is already a long time for an individual studio. Innovations can be made through additions, if the end result allows it, but it is better to develop something new, especially if they are going to make the game in 3D. There is experience and best practices, the main thing is not to waste time until there are no worthy options on the market. Game “Sky Haven” is, in my opinion, a stillborn game.

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I get your point and agree with it! Out of them all modding support is the only one I think is very necessary! The others can all be achieved with that. I will post some smaller fixes later too

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Great work bringing the list together :slight_smile:

Psst… You may want to add this to your main topic as “modding support” :wink:

Also this; just for personal reasons :smiley:

I’d like to see little things. Quality of life changes. The ability to select multiple check in desks to connect to a baggage bay. Easier allocation of vehicles to lots-garages (the vehicle tab really sucks).

These just come to my mind. I’m sure others have little annoying things they’d like sorted

You can already select multiple check-in desks and connect them to a baggage bay.

  1. Hold down shift.
  2. While holding down shift, click on the check-in desks you want to connect to the baggage bay.
  3. Release the shift key.
  4. Click on the Baggage Bay connect button and then click on the baggage bay.

Whaaaaaaaaa! Oh my, what I have missed


Let me add; running the business while you can Restructuring loans and manage on KPI’s.

Every loan offer, should have a RESTRUCTURE button with a fee attached.

Now, when you have about 1.000.000 loan room in a three star contract, you will have to wait out 4 days, before you can refinance this loan, which is something that burns me out of game each time. I mostly fix it by having A-CEO run for a night while asleep, to come back to an airport with money. That is why I find it bad game-design.

Before we could restructure by going into the red, but nowadays you cannot pay back loans, while in the red. While you can have a huge leverage position. Which is very unrealistic. Real airports are leveraged significantly all over the world, where I leave out treasure management completely.

Now, when you have a turnover of 1.000.000 a day, you should be able to restructure loans up to that amount. That businesses in RL leverage up to 400-800% of their business I don’t expect of a simulator. But as somebody with an economical background, the current restraints for building up your airport from a leveraged position is very unsatisfactory.

Just like managing your airport based on a lot of black boxed ratings. As a CEO you should be able to steer your business, as a business, based on insightful performance indicators and economical models. Which is very restricted now.

Let me add; another economical issue, is liquidity information in the toolbar, the up/down trend in the toolbar should be a rolling average, that can be set by the player, I would set it on 24h or 72h when you get into large planes. Now the information in the liquidity panel is completely useless. You can make money most of the day, while your liquidity position can be rolling back for a while already. If you do not understand that, you will be in the red in no-time.

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