Smaller Emergency Services Building

I have been enjoying the game and reading the forum. Please forgive me if I missed this request in an earlier post that I missed. But I was wondering if there was possibility to have a smaller emergency services building? The police and fire building chew up a lot of land for 1-2 police cars plus a fire truck and an ambulance for starting. I was wondering if there could be a “public safety” building that would be able to handle the vehicles as above for the smaller airport that only one square of land big.

Thank you

I wouldn’t say no to such a thing. A combined building with 6 parking spots (2 fire engine, 1 ambulance, 3 polcie cars) would be interesting and sufficient enough for regional airports.


Considering that there are different size variations for some other items (eg. ATC Towers) it seems logical that this could also apply to emergency service provision

I will say this: When building a small GA airport, especially with limited starting space, the fire and police station are way too big. We need something small, or mayby the ability to borrow fire trucks and police cars from the town or city!!


This is what I would do:

When a player starts, there is only a basic emergency station. It is very small (Like the size of a medium fuel depot) that can house all emergency veicles(maybe can house 4 or 3). Note: emergencies could happen before commercial lisence unlocked, but only after a runway is opened

Then, when emergency stuff is reaserched, then everything thats allready inplamented.

Also, could we be able to build fire truck shelters? Small shelters (See picture) that can house a fire truck? This could be like a fuel tank, it can be placed next to a fire station. Size: 2x4

Example of shelter


What do you think?

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I second that!

While the current emergency buildings look really good in general, they are a bit of an overkill for smaller airports.
In addition to that, I would like to see a smaller fire truck only able to take care of small aircrafts. The current one looks great but is also too much for a small airfield.


My problem is the Police Stations. At one point, I had the need for something like 56 addition vehicles… I made perhaps 10 somewhat circular routes… It turned into a police station super complex. Either the number of cars required to accomplish the task needs to be adjusted, or the number it holds needs to be increased substantially. A vehicle Depot holds 20 fuel trailers. Smaller stations and versions of the various services would be nice to have for all the support structures though. Rather than having to increase the number of them, it’d be nice to have them more appropriate size for the size needed, perhaps even creating “extra Large” structures.


I just want smaller buildings (that can only be built on ground floor) all around. That or give us the option to put these behemoths underground like the fuel tanks.



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I agree. Great work by the developers on the security and emergency services features, but we need some miniature versions :slight_smile:

Maybe a combined small “emergency response” station with space for just 3-4 vehicles where our police car, fire engine and ambulance can be stored in much smaller airports including our little GA airports too. Based on covering the bare minimums but needing to expand into the larger dedicated buildings as grow larger.

Maybe alternatively we can use the parking spaces at the ATC tower for parking emergency service vehicles but limited capacity? Particularly if using the medium sized tower in small airports? Then when grow larger and need more than one of each for example, we require the dedicated facilities

But… I really like the features - well done the developers!


I think this would be really useful especially when starting out, running small/GA airports.

Maybe if they did a GA overhaul or GA DLC it could go in there as I’m not sure if I’m beta they would be adding new items like this in?

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agree. many medium to smaller regional airports have 2-3 bay stations that are far smaller.

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Yep please. The building is far too big now


Yes - the footprint of the Emergency Services building and Police Station together are almost as big as the small stand terminal I built…

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