Irregular shaped rooms

Feature request title:

Allow the merging or creation or non-square/rectangular rooms.


At this time, without some highly creative thinking, rooms other than square or rectangular can be created. The ability to merge rooms together or create non-square/rectangular rooms would provide a lot of unique abilities when designing airport.

Why it should be implemented:

Airports are designed with moving PAX through them in a controlled manner while generating additional income for them and the stores/food courts contained within them. I’d love to be able to break out of square and rectangular rooms.

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Flip, yes.
I forgot all about this, and it really does do my head in!
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yes I agree frustrating not being able to combine rooms if one is shaped oddly

Actually, I would like to cite the tools from the Sims 3 for this. Like the way pools can be made in all sorts of ways using sliders for instance.

Full support for this one! One should be able to combine rooms or create various shapes that follow 90° angles (or maybe round :stuck_out_tongue:)


Great idea. I like to create irregular shaped terminals/spaces but it does limit what you can then do with rooms. L shaped rooms etc could be great.

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A must have for sure

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Very… Vote when votes are open again.


Though I don’t think it’s as easy as what we would imagine.


I agree with you on one side. However, on the other side, I don’t think it’ll be possible because, ACEO terminal designing grid will have to be overhauled big time, which will take a long long time in my opinion. Also, the gameplay will be different and I think we won’t be familiar with new freestyle-non-rectangular terminal building gameplay for a while.

I don’t really like the idea of a round room but it will make our airports more vibrant and we can be way more creative. But I really feel that it would be a bit weird.
Just my preference though.

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Mustn’t be round room shapes. But rooms which will go around a corner.
For programming - maybe you can combine to roome which are direct on the border of an other room of the same type to one single room. That’s the way how it is done in prison architect :wink:


I wouldn’t automatically combine rooms next to each other because I like to place two shops besides each other. If it’s only manually, I’d be fine with it.
Another idea: If I draw a room and it overlaps another room of the same type with at least one square, then extend the existing room instead of creating a new one. This way, by overlapping, I can extend the existing room part by part as much as I need.


Other games which use a grid based system have got round this issue by allowing you to draw out the shape of room you want on the grid (similar to the zoning tools we currently have), then clicking a “build room” button to confirm your selection (e.g. hospital tycoon/two point hosptial).

That way you can create different shaped rooms from just rectangles (e.g. L-shaped, T-shaped) whilst still using the grid system. The only condition is that every block of the room is connected to at least 1 other block.

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you could use a system like another brick in the mall where to expand a room you drag the new room builder inside the room you want to expand then out this allows you to create rooms of the same type next to each other

Without a wall between each other?

Yes, my shops are always open areas. I know in airports you can find both, separated shops in their own rooms and open areas where people walk through. But I think the latter ones make more money (not in ACEO of course, there it doesn’t matter, but I still like to keep it open).

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It will change it, it is not easy,
and IMHO this is most important!
I observed that I will get bored with games that only have 90° angles and stop playing them. I’m sure this will happen with ACEO too.
I bought it because it was cheap in early access.
I played it because I liked the micro-management.
Eventually I will stop playing it and one reason will be there are only 90° angles in it.


There should be a button on rooms to combine them so they can be combined but they can also be seprate

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Still would love to see this.

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