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Staff hiring optimization


The game should make it possible to auto-hire staffers, this I would base on a process I dubbed “batch hiring”. Tell your HR manager to hire 80 ramp agents, with at least an index of 65% on logic, pleasantness and stress. Batch hiring could ask an extra fee from the CEO to start the task of batch hiring.

Why it should be implemented:

At the moment it is very difficult to form an efficient team. If you want to scale up you have to mass hire your employees on a scale that is not compatible with the renew tempo of the application folder. When you would just tell your HR director to hire 80 staffers, the posts will fill over time.

This option would it possible to request a batch of staff while building your airport extension. Also, atm, if you would hire any staffer that comes by, you get applicants that have an average index of below 50% on all 4 specialty trades listed in an application.

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Staff numbers on a bigger airport;

Random hiring folder;
You could reject the 2 very low efficiency onces, hire 3; where the 4th and 5th would be fired be me when I find enough people to create a more optimized team.

Random hiring spree result;

Staff collection; it took me forever to create a team with an average of 65% efficiently over all 4 skill sets.

Hiring jenitors with decent skills is the most challenging of all staff trades;

Old post;

Smartness of staff;


Nice option! Would be nice if it would be like Software Inc.

Can you elaborate on that?

In Software Inc you have the ability to create teams with different roles (e.g. SI has programmers, developers, etc) or only one role like a programming team. You can hire/educate a team member to be the team leader and can educate the leader to become an HR manager for that team. If the lead is also an HR manager you can determine how the lead should work with his/her team e.g. educating the members, what kind of team members to hire, amount of team members per role, holidays, minimum skill level before starting on a project (which means extra educating), etc. So it’s micromanagement up to a certain level and then you can let go of it as the lead HR manager takes care of things, up to the point you accept it of course :wink:. You always have the option to micromanage the teams yourself. The team lead can just be lead but also assigned for a role so he/she is just part of the working force.

In ACEO the team option could also be interesting as you can assign one or multiple roles to the team and assign that team to a certain area so one or more role types can fulfil their task. It would also give the option to determine per team what you expect and accept in terms of skill levels for certain roles and teams. Could be that you accept that janitors do not need a very high level of technical skill, where the ramp agent or the airport staff must have that. Or if a new team is added as an extra team to take care of a new area in the airport, in the future when it is build, you can already start with educating them besides the other team. This means lower salaries to start with and you can educate them on the points you want the team to be best. This gives a per team HR management option instead of an overarching HR manager for all employees.

Hope this helps a bit in how it works in SI and how I see that in ACEO.



Batch hiring still is very needed; the basic idea is; ask the HR guy to hire X people with Y skillset in batch-size of Z. The HR director will give a quote, and you can agree or not.

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To me this is a vary useful tool that airports big or small can use. I was talking about something similar, about having a separate options tab to see applicants that meet your specified needs so that you can easily and quickly hire them, but I think this idea is simpler and easier to implement.

I give it my vote.

we need this so badly…

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I love the idea. The only thing I might add is have an automatic notification any time you have a certain number of open jobs to ask if you want to do a batch hire.

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Here is a thought, what if the entire staff section was overhauled? In airport operations here in the US we generally hire out on contract ground handling, janitorial, fuel delivery etc…(DGS Aviation - Services) Airlines are responsible for supplying the gate agents and ticket agents, airports that are very small generally hire out TSA (Transportation Security Administration, or pejoratively know as the “Thousands Standing Around”) approved security agents, and once you get to a certain size of enplanements, the TSA supplies security personnel. The airport would be responsible for Administration (may need to add a contract supervisor) and any administrative staff, maitenance etc…
Is this interesting or too hands off?

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Yes please.

Also a “training room” instead of the button would be nice. But that’s more a thing for an add-on :wink:

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