Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates

Flight Planner - Drag and drop “Available Slot” or Create Templates


  • Ability to plan ahead, maybe drag and drop “Availability slot” onto the planner, which is then available for the automation to make use of as and when flights are offered.
  • Could be made available in line with existing achievements and unlocking of night flying and employing relevant exec.
  • Create availability slots that recur everyday of week if wish. It will repeat across the 7 days, and if you move one, it will move them all. If a flight is already using it, the flight will move with it.

Why should it be implemented

  • Realistic, without over complicating the existing method - this is almost exactly how real world airports operate (though their emphasis is on runway slots, though some do have terminal restrictions as a secondary method too)
  • Indirectly manage our runway slots - although it wouldn’t be specific to the runways, it would serve that purpose relatively easily without complicating things further.
  • Bridge the gap between too many stands to manually manage, and not enough staggering by the automation - The automation is a hero, but we’ve all I’m sure noticed that if you have any more than 5-10 stands you start to see multiple flights with the same slot on the planner and delays are unavoidable. But it is also too much to manually control.
  • Dropping in a Recurring availability slot would be amazing to then quickly and effectively, fix any bottleneck and crowding issues at a certain time of day, maybe the CEO needs to work on disrupting the flights out around that time, maybe extend the hours into the night!
  • Customise how your airport utilises it’s stands, or the number of night flights that are possible.

Welcome any feedback on this idea :slight_smile:


Would be cool, and would be better if you could set airlines per slot


CASUALLY COMMITS REVIVAL, still really want this lol


Yes. Yes. Yes. Please. +1


That would be nice.

Make it possible, to add, say 4 slot layouts, so you can pre-plan a few plan types.

I could think of

  • only daytime slots
  • 24h of slots
  • volcano slot buildup
  • a variation of the above, but then with new stands included, not live yet.

Yep! As I suggested in the new feature request (Now closed) this is very needed

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Really hope there is even a slim chance this may be on the radar as we near a full release!

But I think we are almost frightened to ask in case it is a no :stuck_out_tongue:

This and similar ideas have been one of the most popular subjects in these forums, to some how be able to assist the auto planned in some way.

Maybe by drag and drop availability slots onto the planner and have it repeat, or some form of template, maybe set a maximum arrivals per 15min window, or even set operational hours of each stand in the manner we set if a stand is 24hr or daytime only.

Especially with the great improvement of allowing larger maps, large airports just become either too difficult to manually schedule each day, or autoplanner over time clusters flights together causing real head aches at peak times especially start of day :frowning: I genuinely think any enhancement in this area of the game could make a huge difference to the gamer experience as a full release, fingers crossed!

We can only hope :slight_smile:


Just adding me agreement to this :slight_smile:


I support this idea as well :slight_smile:


with my airport I find that the auto planner plans most the flights to land at the same time causing many delays and head aces.


I really like this, as i prefer the cascading scheduling design, however often don’t want to spend the time doing it more than once. This would also be really helpful in allowing for the maintenance times, which would be a couple hour periods ingame for upgrades to stands, adding new infrastructure, and more.


And let overflow and delayed flights leave so the airport runs smoothly after

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This feature would remove my main issue with the game. Once my first part of the airport is up and running, usually with a tight staggert/casdading schedule I can not leave it to the auto-scheduler to continue the pattern. Doing it manually becomes tedious quickly and distracts from streamlining or expanding the airport.


The lack of an improved flight planner (ie this) is primarily why I’ve not played for a few months. Devs did suggest flight planner would be improved before full release but not seen anything yet. Still got my fingers crossed for something!
A template would just make the whole thing so much more enjoyable.


This would really improve the flight planner. I really would like to set fixed slots for each gate, in which the automated flight planner then could insert new flights.


yeah currently the choice is either crowded arrival/departure times or hours of placing flight schedules


Really wish something like this could be done. Once you have a large airport its a real bore having to place each flight individually. Or you face the alternative of all flights arriving at once… for me it really stops a large airport being fun to play


Could not agree more with the NEED to have this implemented.
Additionally, I am frustrated in picking airline that have multiple sized aircraft and you cannot limit the contract to only the size desired by the airport (e.g. limit Trinity to small only versus small and medium).
The net effect of both is responding every 2 hours of in game time to that maddening green icon indicating new flights being offered … only to discover over 50% are the aircraft size you do not want to allow. :grimacing: :thinking:


yeah i think this is the main problem i run into with this game if this was done it would be perfect.


I found in (Weighted Flight Sceduler) a nice addition to this feature request. This would allow you to set a priority per time-slot.