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Please let us set out batch request to our HR director, if I want 60 ramp agents, I just want the next 60, now I just have to wait for new applications forever. Let us tell our HR director by a task; “hire # of type X employee”. We can fire who we dont like later on anyways.


Good idea.

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Yes, love the idea to set some works to be done by department leaders… remember me to dwarf fortress would love it ingame

Maybe you could set hiring-conditions aswell? Min/max required wage, skills, things like that!

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Something like in this discussion?

That idea’ taxes the luxury of automation. Its a neat setup. But do you want the DEV’s to spend time on that now? The batching can cost extra money or something, but doesn\t need a whole new system design.

Implement this please. With 90 stands I can hire ramp agents forever.

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If I may add onto it… Have it also where we contract out work and the company deals with the people… (Yes I know more work but for a feature perhaps?)

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