Ways to earn money

I’m thinking of starting a discussion on ways to earn money in game. Feel free to join the discussion and add your ideas. :smiley:

For example, I suggestion:

  1. collecting rents from shops, airline front desks and offices.
  2. cafe and vending machines income.
  3. aircraft parking fees (if the airlines decide to land their aircraft and park them in the slots we provide).
  4. invest on other airports (NPC or other players)
  5. sleep box

Just some suggestions :smiley:


Don’t forget to charge people for going to the toilet :wink:


An Airport Hotel would be nice, just make it as a building and no room design is needed as this isn’t hotelCEO xd


Hadn’t thought about 4 or 5 before. Certainly the sleep boxes could be an interesting addition for when transfers are implemented.

I like the idea of an airport hotel as an outside business - you place a hotel down and people go in and out of the “rabbit hole” - nothing inside is simulated other than who’s in there (usually people arriving on late night flights or departing on early morning flights). I think a conference centre is another possibility in a similar light.

I believe a large number of these have already been discussed throughout the forum.

  1. Can be strongly inferred by/have been stated in past dev logs.

  2. Can be strongly inferred by/have been stated in past dev logs.

  3. Can be strongly inferred by/have been stated in past dev logs

  4. Has been talked about in previous threads, some of which I believe you may have commented on. With regard to other players, it’s not gonna happen. With NPC Airports, I dunno… Not sure I agree with it. Game is about making your own airport, not just play with stocks and shares. Though it could add an interesting dynamic to float your own airport on the stock market…
    [Duplicated] Multiplayer in Airport CEO
    Creating Airport Groups

  5. Are scary, what if you get trapped in them? Either way it’s an interesting idea to have them in your airport, the idea of onsite hotels have been discussed in previous threads.
    Hotels and small rooms within terminals
    Negotiations with Airlines // Gas Stations for visitors, Hotels, Shops


I think that @Electric_Dipole knows that this has already been discussed and created this with another intention. I believe that we should actually look at this discussion as a ‘brainstorming’ topic where everyone can make suggestions about how you would be able to get money from your airport. (Although this is maybe not 100% compliant with the forum rules…)

In that case use what I said as a reference to avoid repeating ourselves.

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We can’t forget about landing fees, especially for the early game, as we now have GA

Toilets. Like RCT games, I want to charge for toilets… help keep them in good condition. I don’t know of my airports that do this, but Chaing Mai airport in thailand did.

Charging for toilets is thoroughly evil, but yeah I agree. We should be able to control as many aspects of the airport as possible just for the sake of allowing freedoms to build loads of different types of airport and not just having one “optimum strategy” for completing the game.


I used to have a small bit of pleasure for charging for toilets in RCT, knowing how desperate they where :stuck_out_tongue:

For airports struggling for cash, every little helps.

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That could be an accomplishment : run an airport on nothing but toilet fees :stuck_out_tongue:


Michael O’Leary would be proud! :joy:

If we’re going to charge for toilets, then I’d hope that we also see the negative fall-out from it. Passengers (particularly in First and Business Class) would grumble and moan. Perhaps even higher class airlines would be less satisfied (imagine the queue onboard once the seatbelt sign is switched off!). Would people realistically have “accidents”? I wouldn’t imagine anyone could be that stingy, and I’m from Scotland!

That way, charging isn’t just a get-rich quick scheme - you can make a reasonable amount of money from it, but it may come at the expense of expansion and passenger satisfaction.

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meh, just make a first class passenger lounge with free toilets, and charge $2 per visit for the plebs’ toilets :slight_smile:

all passenger are equal when it comes to nature’s call…

Since passenger have already bought tickets, are inside airport; we shouldn’t charge them …
So build a toilet for people outside the airport and charge them!!!

that they are inside the airport doesn’t mean they bought a ticket. They could be in the process of buying one, or they are picking someone up.

Edit: I wonder if staff will need to go to the toilet as well :slight_smile:

Our Bangalore international airport works like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The thing is here that if we are to simulate all economic aspects such as parking and landing fees, staff wages, rental, fuel etc. 100% realistically, the game will seem extremely slow and it will more or less be impossible to make money (like in real life). So this is where the tycoon aspect comes in play where there will be a trade-off between reality and gameplay.

You don’t have to charge anyone to use the bathroom but the option will be there if you desperately need all income you can get. Of course like all fees, if you overcharge, people will eventually start to complain.

maybe sign the contact with the airline for the stationing of the aircraft. Create a base like PLL LOT in Warsaw, or other airlines in other cities

What if you move most payments to a dayly payment, why has all to be live? in RL most airliners pay after 120 days.