Creating Airport Groups

Since there are multiple airports in the world, it would be awesome to create airport groups. For example if your airport is doing great and you make a lot of money, you could take an interest in an other airport. Eventually you can buy the entire airport and when you do you can build there as well. That way you can become a CEO of multiple airports.
When you own multiple airports you can get contracts for a lower price, because you can sign contracts for all the airports with one contractor. And if the devs ever include something like research technology, you will have an advantages because you have more opportunities to test it.

Anyway I think it would be nice to have this in the game


Good Idea…It will make the game much bigger (actually,huge) as it would require a virtual world with different cities and airports. It would be amazing if devs include this feature…in Beta… I guess??

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I think this is a great idea, taking interests in different airports would also introduce various different challenges, rather than starting a new save? Or having to sell up and start again with the money as in prison architect

I think this idea could (at a long shot a lot further down the development line) be implemented into a multiplayer style gamemode (if the devs choose to work on multiplayer) possibly as in having different players responsible for different areas in airports owned.

Pretty interesting idea… so essentially forming an airport conglomerate? Do we have any examples of existing airport groups so that we can look into it?

From a simulation perspective, I don’t think it would be very difficult to simulate other airports (some variables and aspects would have to be arbitrary of course) but it’s definitely something that would be have to be added later on.


There is IAG, which consists of British Airways and Iberia.

This made me think of BAA which pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. They owned and operated a lot of the airports in the UK…Clicky!

Assuming this is what was meant. :slight_smile:

Oh wait that’s an Airline Group. My bad.

Frankfurt International Airport is being managed by a company called “Fraport”. This company is also (partly) state owned by the state of Hesse. Alongside the Frankfurt Airport, they are also operating the Airports of Antalya (Turkey), Pulkovo (Russia), Burgas and Varna (Bulgaria), Xian Xianyang (China), Delhi (India) as well as the Airports in Boston, Indianapolis, Pittsburg (USA). Some under the name of Fraport too and some under different names or in a partnership.

A good friend of mine is working there and they are basically doing what this game is about. Planning literally everything around the Airlines and also negotiating with them about fees etc.

I hope this helps as an example.

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This is exactly what I meant! So let’s say you start off with building frankfurt, and then you buy shares off other airports. That way you can control them and if you own enough shares you can even build here!

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Manchester Airports run and own a few airports, including London Stansted.

Yeah and East midland.

That idea sounds great, it would be like an investment and a new way to grow money.

May I also expand on that idea and propose a few more points?
It would be more fun if it is a multiplayer game such that:
-Players can choose to play offline or online to auto upload their airport and play among other players world wide.
-Players can invest on other players to gain share and promote growth.
-Players can also invest and purchase shares from NPC airports.
-Players can sign contracts with their friendly airports and schedule flights between them.

Just a suggestion. :smiley:

Multiplayer won’t be in the game for a long time, if ever :slight_smile:

This has been discussed on the forum already, so do keep reading the threads.

Just a suggestion :smiley:

The Schiphol Group is owner of Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Lelystad Airport and has 51% of the shares of Eindhoven Airport. They also have 18% interest in Brisbane Airport, investments in JFK etc.

So yes airport groups do exist!

Multiplayer is love, multiplayer is life, if we don’t get multiplayer, then I will personally brake into ther home, I know what city they live in, I will walk into their house, I will walk into their kitchen, and I will take all the cookies, candy and even every bag of Gifflar they have, but I will not touch the computer, I still want to play the game.


Good luck :slight_smile: Multiplayer is a buzzword that is tacked on to too many games already … to their detriment… I’m glad the devs don’t give in to such folly ;D


Actually many simulation games have multiplayer features now. OpenTTD, Roller coaster tycoon, ETS2, Farming Simulator… I mean it is not urgent and I think it is the last thing developers should work on it, but maybe in future, why not?

Oh god, not Gifflar again :stuck_out_tongue: Multiplayer has been constantly discussed, and if I remember correctly, the devs have never said anything but N-O. A leaderboard ranking may be implemented, but I highly doubt there will be multiplayer EVER. Oh, by the way Olof just moved, good luck finding his new home!

Well, we have a good example in Sweden as well guys. Ever heard of Swedavia? :wink: