Hotels and small rooms within terminals

i saw some videos of small rooms where you could nap or relax so i would suggest that devs add a room type
the Hotels could have normal room or small room even within airport terminal


I think it could be cool if they had something like that but when a flight is delayed due to bad weather and passengers need to stay over night that would be awesome.

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Good idea especially transit hotels. Like Changi Airport they do have transit hotels and also a big Crowne Plaza hotel connected by a sky bridge to the airport. Transit hotel sounds fine but I think a proper hotel would consume a lot of space and impractical for the game but if it could be done it would be awesome.

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Yea Hotels, gas stations etc. Are important in the game and i like your idea.

Do like the idea of having hotels on site, but it’s not Hotel CEO. I’d rather see hotels as buildings that can be placed outside the terminal than having to design them from scratch. I don’t think we even need the interior. Maybe a contract with the hotel firm would be good?

It would also be great to see them actively used by passengers - e.g. passengers staying overnight in the hotels and checking in the next morning, and as you’ve said being used by passengers with a lengthy delay.

Sure, only to build to building and thats IT.

What about if we just construct the building how big we like it and get contracts but I have a different thought for this.

Since we are not Hotel CEO why don’t we just leave a budget (as much as we like) to the building. We are given an option to set the number of levels for the buildings, number of bars, restaurants,rooms and maybe other utilities for the building but we will not be able control the internal operations of the hotel or how it should be furnished but we can only view the floors which are connected directly to the airport like the lobby or the floor that has a sky bridge to the airport.

Hotel revenue “rental” will be good to the airport but it will all depend on the hotel contracts. The better the hotel in terms of stars the more requirements, like a 5 star - they want you to build like more rooms, the size of the entire plot of land, number of swimming pools and gyms, maybe they want a sky bridge or maybe an airport shuttle. For the lower standard hotel the require less but gives less in rental. In short, you have to spend a lot of money to build and finances the buildings initially but the rentals will pay good dividends and helping out with the airport’s major profits.

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