Negotiations with Airlines // Gas Stations for visitors, Hotels, Shops

Hey everybody, i saw this game and i have a few questions

  • will i start with a lower class Airport (grass runway, small terminal…) and after success and higher Rating i gain higher Level buildings and higher Level Airlines with bigger airplanes?
  • can i rent out some space for gas stations, Hotels and Shops?
    i look Forward Hearing from you
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and in Addition to this, is it possible to negotiate the Airline contracts, at the risk that they cancel the Negotiation?

The first question has been discussed in other discussions.

The second one is an interesting Idea which I really like

Also, change your title

  1. Yes you will start with an empty plot and money. Now it’s Upto you to invest in a larger airport (Sandbox) or start with small and grow. About the level thingy… I don’t think it’s there and it shouldn’t be. All should be related to money. If have bucks, u buy.

  2. U can designate space for shops inside your terminal and lease them out. About gas stations, cars or planes??
    Planes: We have a gas station building implemented. And I think it will be contracted to some fuel company.
    Cars: Idk, it’s not there I guess
    Hotels will be implemented later.

I don’t know about negotiations… BTW Good question…!!

Hope you get your answers… You can always ask the Devs… They are cool.

we’ll see - i love negotiations, yes it’s risky - but that’s the Business :slight_smile:

Ok, Now you are Working on a New contract system - i think that the Time is coming for the negotiation system , what do you think? :wink:

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