Priority for specific construction site tasks

I think it would be great for the user to select a priority for different construction sites for the contractors to build first.

Brief explanation:
You can click on construction sites to select a priority(out of 3-5) and various buildings have a set priority for example, an aircraft stand or runway has the max priority and a sidewalk the minimum(1). I think this would be a great addition to the awesome game and especially if you are building multiple things at once.


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This idea would indeed be a good addition to the game. In fact, it has already been requested multiple times.

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I had some ideas about secure zones and as a side effect an approach to priorities for construction areas here.

Seems like nobody read it, at least there was no feedback…

If I am on the right page, I would say that a more effective way of exsplaining this is that the workers have to pass through the security checkpoint.:slightly_smiling_face::relieved:. Every time.:face_with_monocle:

I think many people have at least one checkpoint dedicated for staff so construction workers can be classified as staff. :smirk:

My personal feedback to your post would be that we should not take the time to zone everything, but workers have to run through security, unlike the ones who obliviously walk right through the station. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::pensive:

At least you received 8 likes. It would definitely help especially new players, but I’m unsure if it would be possible to implement.

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I visited the cargo handling in Frankfurt some years ago and was kind of surprised that every single time a cart driver went from cargo storage to airside, a full security check was performed on him. I don’t know how many times thee check each and every driver per day, must be hundreds

As I have noticed, drivers and staff get thoroughly checked every morning when they arrive to work. In many cases airport airside will come and check for id’s and other handling contracts. Everybody gets checked a second time through the day.

Airside will also wrap up during turnarounds on mostly passengers though. I have seen that airside also acts as the police, they patrol the ground and give out speeding tickets to employees not obeying the airport law.

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