Increase priority button

Hey there!
I was always frustrated when contractors would build terminal or gates first, rather then taxiways/runways first. Increase priority button would make all contractors on thing that you want to build first… Hopefully you understood :wink:

Why should it be implemented :
Would make easier to build stuff faster and only the most priority one…


On experimental version, contruction and material delivery mechanisms are improved so that if you have multiple delivery points, delivery trucks can unload materials to closer one to the construction site. Give it a try :wink:

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Oh!, Thank you for advice…

I still think adding a priority system would be awesome

Amen to that. We need this.
So far every time this is suggested i see some people say they’d rather see other things first, but i don’t follow that philosofy as this should be called an improvement to an existing system rather than a new feature.

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