KLIA2 - International Airport

This is will be my next project

This is Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 opened in May 2014. I really like the design and looks of the airport. In the real airport arrival and departure are on separate floors, so for now I have to squeeze that all on one level, also the skybridge, to connect the main and the satellite building, and the satellite building itself cannot be build as is. But I will give it a try and will update the topic to keep you posted.

I was surprised how much info I could find about how the building is setup, will base the internal setup on that as much as possible without the multiple floors options.

P.S. I don’t know if it is allowed to show pictures like this of existing airports, if not then I will delete it immediately. Also please let me know if I can share links to the airport design.

Edit: Added a link to the post with layout info

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You can link to web publications freely, as long as they are relevant and don’t contain illegal content. In other words: Common sense :slight_smile:


Ok, good to know. The question was because it could be a problem to share copyrighted links or pictures.

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Here are some first images of the terminal layout:

Main terminal with the ‘skybridge’ and the satellite building

Pier J on the left of the main terminal and pier P on the left of the satellite building

Pier K & L on the right of the main terminal and pier Q on the right of the satellite building.

The layout is based on this overview picture, notice the option that planes can drive underneath the skybridge, would be cool if we can set that up in the future as well. At least service vehicles, but both planes and vehicles would be the coolest option.

Had to open the blocked tiles to be able to build the long piers. Will be a challenge to get all the service roads and taxi ways in there in such a way that it functions. I did not build the gateway building with the transportation hub in front of the main terminal, as that is not possible now anyway. Maybe something for the future when we have multiple floors and more transportation options.

Also looking at options where to put the runways, can become a bit of a mess when runways cannot (yet) be connected to stands, or planes cannot (yet) be guided in a specific way. Current idea is to have at least 2 runways per side of the terminal (separated in landing and take off) and keep the taxi ways separated as well. Don’t know if that will work and if the system understands already that a runway is not connected to X amount of stands. So could be the case that a plane lands on the side of pier J/P but needs to be at the pier K/L/Q side and cannot reach it because the taxi ways are not connected. AFAIK and what I’ve seen that is not the case with take off as a plane picks the nearest free runway (correct me if I’m wrong). Will be trial and error to see what happens. Biggest concern is delays on the airport for PAX and personnel because of the long distances to stands.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or tips for this airport to evolve.


Let’s hope the DEV’s will creat passenger bridges over taxiways just so you can finish your project, and we then have them too. GL, seems an awesome project.


Here is a design with the runways on the side of the airport, don’t know if that is the most logical design but time will tell. Alternative is to have the runway’s on top or on the side and on top. Will stick with this for now and let it build and run, can always decide to re-start again and place the runways in a different spot. Could also be the case that I need extra runways on top to keep up with the flight traffic.
Service roads and taxi ways are also a question mark if this is the best setup, please leave a comment if you have ideas/remarks.

East wing with runways and taxiways

East wing with service roads

West wing with runways and taxiways

West wing with service roads

Next up is planning the vehicle/fuel depots and the ATC tower. After that the big jigsaw of the main building will start.

Thanks, hope the design will work in the game, it works in real life :wink:

Indeed, would be cool to have multi level buildings and the option to have roads and taxiways underneath.

West wing with fuel/vehicle depots and the ATC tower

East wing with fuel/vehicle depots

Had to add some extra service road on the east wing to place the fuel and vehicle depots. Hopefully the depots next to the skybridge will function and will stay delivered with fuel as it is pretty far away from the main road.


Done some work on the main terminal and the 1st pier on the west wing connected to the main building, this is the J pier. FYI I used the “no building simulation” option from the debug menu (@jasperwillem tnx for the tip! :+1:)

Main terminal (still WIP as the baggage claim and shops need to be build)

West wing J pier

In the meantime I have tried a first session to open the airport and see what happens, some stats:

  • 14 of 62 medium stands open
  • 14 boarding desks open
  • 4 of 8 security desks open
  • 8 of 32 check-in desks open
  • Fuel delivery off
  • Baggage handling off
  • 4 airline contracts signed
  • Autoscheduler on
  • 30 mins of minimum flight separation
  • All board members hired
  • 36 airport staff
  • 25 security
  • 10 janitors
  • 8 service technicians

Because of the size of the airport and the long distances pax and personnel need to cover, I was already expecting issues with delays up front. From plane 1 that arrived the delay already started, mainly because personnel was not on time to open boarding desks, pax seem to be on time. Also experienced the pax on stands issue. When fuel and baggage system will be actived, that will probably cause even more issues. Also only at around 1/5 of the stands are open at the moment, can you imagine the mayhem with all 62 stands open :grinning: But we all know Olof and Fredrik are working hard on a new pathfinding system and they give us hope that they have great numbers from their tests, so hopefully with that this airport can work as well. Till then will start with 1 stand and open more over time to see where the tipping point is when personnel start delaying flights.

Next update for the design will be finishing the other piers.


It’s been a while… Couldn’t find the time to update the airport and update this thread. In the meantime some minor changes have been made. Still only the J pier is open, but thought to keep experimenting with a smaller part of the airport before opening the locks and start the PAX flood. Fuel and baggage services have been added and is now also operational, also added shops and restaurants. With the bagage system added the airport has more delayed flights for various reasons. At the moment there are 2 stands serviced per baggage bay and a lot of ramp agents and baggage trucks to handle it all, but still having issues with delays.

Baggage bays and double taxiways

Duty free shop directly after security and food shop towards the J pier, on the left the baggage claim area

Baggage bays and scanning system close up

Newly hired ramp agents in line for duty

Always annoying to wait for your bag to arrive. Tilt trays work like a charm!


Wow, just noticed I haven’t updated this post for more than 3 months… :blush: Sorry for that, had a busy period at work with almost weekly travel, so not much time to work on this airport other than being on an airport :grin:. Have I not played the game at all, sure but on other projects also for testing purposes. What also keeps me a bit from playing this project is that the game is lagging a lot, because of the huge amount of rendering the game needs to perform as it is a huge building and a lot is going on and the whole area is unlocked (still the old map). So working on the airport is not always a joy as it is all slooow sometimes.

Because of the immense heat we’re dealing with in Europe, it’s sometimes better to sit inside and I had some spare time this evening so have done some small tweaks left and right:

Overview of the main terminal, looks still a bit cluttered as for this project I’m really waiting for the multi floor feature :slight_smile:

Added an executives room area, with an office for every individual C-level. Also notice that there still are PAX in the area even when the area is just for staff… :thinking: (yups also rezoned it a couple of times, didn’t help) You can also see a big pile of PAX in front of the security desks, that seems to be still an issue. Maybe I will overhaul that to have 8 security desks instead of 4. I don’t know what that wil mean in the needed amount if I have all 62 (without large and remote stands counted) medium stands open, but I think that’s still months away before that happens and the game can deal with that amount of stands/planes/pax/personnel/etc.

Added a shop and a ‘restaurant’ to the left and right of the entrance. Also added a second toilet block divided in female and male toilets. And added toilets to the staff rooms on either side, although they are not used by the staff at all…

A small waiting area for the baggage claim, this will all be overhauled when we can built another floor

A small restaurant half way the J wing

When the new features are implemented I will be doing a massive overhaul for departure/security/arrival/bagage claim. Also will add some remote stands as that is also the case on the original airport on the right wing side.

Only a small update, but wanted to inform you of the progress nevertheless.


More color coding pls :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a queue bug on your image? Thought the queueing bug was fixed?

Nice airport!

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Thanks! The ‘blueprint’ is available on the Steam workshop, if people are interested.

More color coding pls :stuck_out_tongue:

More colour coding as in…?

I don’t know if that is a queue bug, problem I have is that the 4 security desks do not seem to be enough to work with the 17 open medium stands. Because of security lots of PAX are too late for their flights. When the security desks close, because of staff change, all PAX clutter at one or two desks causing this huge queue all on one place. I have to have a closer look at it by trying to close the desks and see what happens, also with probably building more desks and double the amount so there is more overlap when staff shifts are changing.

Because the airport has such a long wing for the gates (at the moment only 1 is open and there are 4…), the PAX often do not make it in time and planes leave without them. I play with the autoscheduler on, I believe 70 mins between flights and the ‘always send away’ option on. As described in another thread the PAX just stay in the queue of the security desk, even when the plane has already left causing an even bigger queue when new passengers arrive and need to go through security, etc. So it’s a bit of a vicious circle at the moment that I have to try and break.

For 17 stands I’d have about 10 security stations. I worked it out at roughly 40 PAX per hour through a station.

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I go with 1 medium security for 2 medium stands.

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For 17 stands I’d have about 10 security stations

I go with 1 medium security for 2 medium stands

Thanks guys! Than I have some reworking to do… Will also be a challenge to get around 8 to 10 security stations in the current terminal… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Will be a full floor with 30+ security stations if I want to serve all the stands on the airport, thank god for multi floors :slight_smile: I think that’s something the devs have to look into, as 40 PAX per hour is not realistic and causes massive amounts of security stations if you built bigger airports. :thinking: And I would love to build some other big beauties like:


Abu Dhabi


Atlanta, etc. :sunglasses:

Or… the devs could just slow down ingame time…


Yups, just vote here in the next feature voting round :wink:

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After the security discussion I did a big overhaul of the security area:

Went from 4 stations to 12 with 1 small station in the middle for staff

Close up of the new stations

This shows an all green Flight Process Monitor :+1:

Also encountered multiple pretty nasty glitches… Did anybody else ever seen these? This was the first time, but got quite a few. Also today after a complete reload of Steam and the game it’s still there now and then. When you go out of building mode or hit esc it’s mostly gone. I have the ‘simulate construction and building’ off, but that never has caused these kind of glitches in the past.


Pleased to hear the revamped security works well :smiley:

On that 2nd image, you have them exiting into the security station area?

Never seen anything like your last image either.

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