Irregular shaped rooms

Let’s vote

I’d want option, where when you place wall if you right click when wall is highlighted there’s like bear with options the original one with like it is right now or straight connected or curved ? :thinking:

Let’s do something like city skylines. Where you can select different modes of building to build curvy shapes (walls or roads), or a free form.

This feature could be based on the security zone merging principle, would be very nice!


That would violate the “only 90° rule” of the game causing anything be arranged on a chequerboard. I hate this, I want free rotations. It looks ridiculous.

But if you have anything but a square then you are not following the 90 degree rule either. That’s the point of the irregular room, right?

It’s just a beginning, at least… that’s why I already voted for it.
For me, I also want terminals, roads, everything not be square and not be +-oriented only

Like 45 degree angles? No curves.

Less then 45° if I may wish, also for runways.
And also curves (but not for the runways) :slight_smile:
If you know Banished and Ostriv: I want ACEO take the same step further Ostriv took from Banished.
(Just without the 3D, I can do without)

Reviving topic

I’ve got that problem, too.

The fact that I need to remove the walls on the lower left corner first, then drag out a whole room is a whole lot pain, and I could’ve even extend the room out to the left and bottom.

(btw 1 vote to you)

Prison Architect has that kind of room-building mechanism too.

In fact, I’m more convenient building rooms this way.


Yes, this would really be so useful! :smile: Even if in the interim it’s executed primitively - just to get away from the frustrating restriction of rectangles.

Especially considering we now have the terminal creation tools, could be used for this too. Having my shop room include an escalator as part of it seems to negatively affect the sales.

It would be great if that worked. The simplest way to implement it would be that whenever one drags a room from a starting point within an already existing room, the game recognizes the connection and treats it as a single one.

how about a builder like another brick in the mall as you can create more than one room next to others

Sounds familliar

oh i must have missed that comment

Another vote for this one… I’m surprised it isn’t done yet…

I am voting for this, its a big deal since I build big airports that are not square.

However, I would Update the request to a 'Fill Tool’

This way you could use the fill tool for Zones, Rooms, Flooring, etc.

As long as the area that you want to fill is enclosed, you could fill it with a secure zone, a staff room or floor tile (I wish there were more of those)

I believe you could implement the ‘Un-Fill Tool’ as well, removing the zone or room from the enclosed area.

Just a thought.