Non-rectangular shops and food rooms


I was just wandering if there is any way currently to make shop and food rooms other than rectangular? Perhaps by pressing any button while dragging or something? If not, such feature should be implemented for sure.


There is currently no way to achieve this, but I agree, it would be nice to have non- square/rectangular shop/food/employee rooms.

There is already a feature request for this:


Thanks! Almost a year ago…Can’t imagine it’s that hard to implement. Maybe my new post now reminds the developers again.

It’s not hard, it’s about finding time for it. As you know our backlog is quite huge especially populated with large features for the time being. However, with the implementation of multiple terminals we expect rooms to also benefit from that technology, i.e. support non-rectangular rooms.


Thanks for the heads up Olof! Love your work with this great game! Keep it up!

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