Suggestions - Some points that seem strange to me :0)

Hello all,
I’m relatively new to this game, and using the Sandbox mode, “large map”, until I get everything to work fine, which seems to be the case now.

As I did not find any dedicated section for suggestions, I’m posting here, sorry if this is not the correct place.

I find this is a good game, but there are points which are… strange to me.

1 - Wearing of runways and aprons:
The runways and aprons wear off at lightspeed ! To the point that it is impossible to leave the game running alone 1 hour.
It should take a long time before they come down to 50%, at least 1 game-year, this is not funny to redo them every 15 to 20 minutes.
(Edit) Actually, an auto-repair at XX% would be ideal.

2 - Aircrafts manual planning:
Being permanently interrupted by planning new flights is no fun to me, due to the time needed to build and connect new things.
I would suggest here to add an option (check box) that allows to get bunches of flight to plan or as it works today, or every 12, or every 24 game hours.

3 - Airlines’ satisfaction:
This information is totally opaque to me. No idea why the satisfaction suddently drops, albeith it was between 90 and 100% before.
Please add a reason when dropping, so that the player gets clues on what the airlines find dissatisfactory. Could as well be included in the daily reports, saying somethging like “Airline XXXX complained to get only night slots” for example.

4 - No check-in desk available:
At time, flight are blocked in air, unable to land, because the allocated check-in desk is not available… althought there are bunches of other which are not presently used, and therefore free to register for that flight.
Please allow for multiple check-in desks connexions, and auto-reallocation.

5 - Apron in use:
Same as with the chech-in desks, although you have bunche of unused ones, the plane wait until this specific apron is free.
Please allow automatc relocation to the next free one.

6 - Manual planning 2:
Once confirmed, you cannot move this flight to put it on another slot.
It should be possible to reorganize the planning at will, witghout having to cancel the flight.

7 - Lost employeee / passenger:
At times, some people seem to get lost… pretty strange to me when you have information desks :0)))
Clicking on such ones shoul allow to draw a line - or event better, a path of waypoints - to lead them where they should be :0)

8 - “Large” Map:
The “large map” option is really… very small.
A large map should cover at least 3 - 4 time what it covers now.

9 - Airlines, available planes:
Strange thing is that even smaller airlines (1 *) have both small and medium aircrafts.
I’d like to be able to select an airline that operates ONLY small, or medium, or large airplanes, keeping the present choice of today, plus these.

10 - Above ground (Lvl 1 etc) structures:
Presently, you cannot - for example - link say 2 buuildings via an overground structure, nor can you exceed Lvl 0 size on Lvl 1. So, sure, you can build your linking structures below, at Lvl -1.
But I think it would be nice to be able to build “T” shaped buildings, at least over the the aprons and taxiways.

Well, that’s all for now.

Please undestand that I like this game, but really, the micro-management part is not the job of a CEO, he has employees for that :0))))


The current map size limit is what the performance for an average computer should cover. Everything bigger will cause performance issues on some devices and cannot be supported. But it’s possible for players to play on larger maps.

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Hmm, that is possible? As long as the flight is not already on its way, the slot can be moved. Of course, only to a slot that is at least 3 hours after the current time.
Anything that is short-term would fall under your point #5. I agree with you, that would be nice to have. But it’s just a form of micromanagement that doesn’t exist in this game and that would very likely entail a lot of fundamental changes

Yes and no :smiley: The performance is primarily influenced by mobile objects to be simulated (planers, cars, staff, PAX e.g.). If you just want to build your airport more generously (= more realistic) with the same number of runways and stands, you will have very little loss of performance…

But thanks for the link to the explanation, I will try it out!

Sure, if you build a normal airport, the performance issue won’t be a problem. But bigger maps force people to build oversized airports. Otherwise you will have to implement limitations of stands etc. which would cause new claims. :slight_smile:

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I understand the performance argument. But, with my last try for a more compact airport building, running 20 GA, 10 small, 20 medium, and 20 large with 6 runways… well the existing “large” map is crowded :0)
Why not add a check box saying like “XL map size (may cost performances)” for a 1000x1000, and “XXL map size (may severely impact performances)” for a 1500x1500.
Just an idea :0)

The “trick” linked above implies fddling with game files, which, on my opinion, is not a safe and valid option - although I may try it later :0)

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About the manually planning, my post here might be relevant it has been popular request and neither ruled out or confirmed so far by developers… our fingers and toes are crossed but understandably as a now released game their resources will be limited

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@andyc : I understand what you say and agree with that. Players always play until the absolute limit.
The suggestion from @Alain is good. ‘Urban Games’ have had the same problem with Transport Fever. Similar to ACEO, bigger maps are possible with an undocumented edit of a configuration file and there you get a warning by starting a game with a very big map. It works fine and is a good solution, I think.

I’ve tried it out, but I don’t understand the sense of it: it is only enlarging the area that is not allowed to be built on. The buildable area remains the same.

This is what the autoplanner is for! As long as there is a gate with space, and a flight to plan, the Autoplanner will auto put the flight there

Sorry VOID, but the autoplanner does only one thing very well: generate a lot of errors (check-ins in use, aprons in use…). It does not use the available ressources cleverly.
Reason why I quit using it in my current airport.
Of course, this feature, once it becomes more “intelligent” will be greatly appreciated, inculding by myself :0)))

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This may be a problem with your design, I rarely get errors like that, except for the occasional asking to delay for an hour, you just gota have a 1 to 1 ratio! My design philosophy is to make sure to always be able to handle the max at the same speed as the minimum, thus I make sure each gate has its own checkin desk/ however many it needs ( there’s a table on it somewhere for how many checkin desks a type of plane needs, each desk can take 75 people at a time/max I think?) medium and large gates get their own pushback trucks, catering and cleaning trucks, stair trucks, etc. always plan for the worst and it generally works out (in this game at least). Tho I will agree, I do wish the autoplanner was smarter, you gota make due with what you’ve got

Sure mate, any problem can be overcomed. But if I would follow your rules, I would need not less than 50 desks, plus the automated ones… I presently use 9 standard plus 9 automated ones.
Let’s say that, in my opinion, this is using a cannon to kill a fly ;0 Beside of being not very cost-effective, I guess :0)))

And sorry, I did not see such a table.

I think was the point originally being made that the autoplanner doesn’t stagger flights and they become clustered? which then pushes your airport right to it’s limits and causes delays?

Very very rough, quick example using the congested max capacity London Heathrow LHR;
2 runways, approx 200 stands (remote and connected)
a take off or landing every 45 seconds
In an average hour the maximum number of “simultaneous” flights is around 80 lets say, less than half of the stands at the airport.
The airport wouldn’t cope with 200 flights flooding through the terminal and it’s services, simultaneously so they are staggered. (Again, this is a very very rough example, but shows the challenge of not staggering flights)

ACEO airports using auto planner, will see all stands over time if not running 24hrs a day, squeeze flights into starting at 0400-0430 and that first group of flights push your airport right to it’s limits, then you see check-in and security standing empty until the next wave. It’s not a “bug” but is more a “limitation” for when the game is pushed to running large airports with lots of stands. It’s discussed in the post I shared requesting improvements to this.

I agree with your suggesting this needs improving ideally. Ironically, the lack of staggering makes ACEO very accurately simulate the issues of not doing so - but I wish we had a “template” function or availability slot drag and drop in the planner (repeated everyday) to force it to stagger them.

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Long post! Here are my responses to all the questions no matter if they have been answered or not:

Yep, it goes down a bit quickly… One of the executive staff members allows objects to auto repair so you don’t have to do it. It will only repair it when it gets to like 10% so you have to wait, but you never need to touch it really.

Do you know about auto planner? If not, you can turn it on at the flight planner panel if you have CIO and COO I think

Agreed… The ratings seem random

Both would be nice

Hover over the flight in the flight planner and then click on reschedule flight. The rest is self explanatory. Yes, it only works when the flight is not en route yet…

Pathfinding issues most likely because of your airport layout. If you just made changes, give some time for the passengers to adapt

If they were that big performance would be terrible… Especially if you detail. You can manually edit the size of your world (someone else can explain)

I am sure one of the modded can add this, just ask. There isn’t a huge need for this in the base game, so i think a mod from the free workshop would be fine.

You can build bridges with terminal. You can do this by make two pillars of terminal on floor one, and then on floor two, start dragging out the terminal from one pillar and end on the other

Alright, that’s the most I can type now. Hopefully this helped you :slight_smile:

As for point 10 about terminal upper floors, you can build terminal with no foundation at all. All a second floor needs is 3 or 4 of the corner pieces planned. What I do is pause the game, then build only the 4 corners for my second floor on level 0. Go to level 1 and build your terminal floor, then go back down to 0 and remove the 4 corners. Once you resume game speed, your contractors will build a levitating terminal. Roads, taxiway, and parking lots are the only things that can be built under terminal, so your planes can taxi under terminal.

Humoresque, Foxxygaucho: I did not know the pillar trick, thanks, I’ll try that :0)))

Homoresque: Yes, I noted the auto-repair feature, but I like to avoid being below, say, 45% of wear. And, sorry, I did not know that it worked at 10%… which for me seems rather like “ennemy just bombed your fine airport, be we’ll auto-repair it” LOL

More seriously, for the developpers, please add then near the activation of this feature a box where you can state at which level of wear you want to auto-repair, thank you.

3-4 times more than a 2 * 3 map? And what functionality does not allow you to implement the current map size?
In a game without mods, there won’t even be enough airlines to fit everything into a 2 * 3 map.

And also if you don’t play with unlimited flights for atc on, you would reach that limit quite fast I would assume

I play with the large map, a lot of runways and very many gates and I didn’t reach the limit of 350 flights, the maximum was 345 Flights.

My biggest issue is Airline satisfaction, it always drops a lot when your field gets bigger, so your turnover/# of flights drops considerably.

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