Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates

The goal of the feature is to have gate priorities for the whole day. For example, if you want gate B3 to have more flights than B4, than you can set B3 to priority and the auto-scheduler will fit as many flights as possible at B3 and then fill B4. You can also set multiple gates, so if you have an airline at B3 and B4, you could set the priority for B3, and if another airline has B6, B7, B8, and B9, you could prioritize B6, B7, and B8 for that airline at the same time.

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I agree 100% with your suggestion there, in ACEO it would be cool to prioritise stands with short walking distances or short taxi times, also avoiding remote stands to treat them as overflows. Maybe toggle on/off a “Favourite” option to pick them first across a full day and if not available, then allocate to any other stands :slight_smile:

Sadly though, whilst this feature (drag and drop availability slots) has not been ruled out by devlopers, I know the chances of it being developed is very very unlikely. I hope I am wrong and it’s some kind of secret project, but is unlikely at this late stage.

Broadly speaking this is how airlines in Europe/UK judge different types of stands;
Remote stands - Cheapest but slowest to board, each passenger being held up between scanning at gate and stepping onboard.
Airbridge Stands - Safest and comfortable for passengers, but at a cost (airports mostly charge handling fee for the airbridge)
Walkway/stairs stands - Cheaper than airbridges and allows front and rear boarding generally speaking. More common in Europe than USA, and preferred by low cost airlines for cost and speed.

I tend to set remote stands as manual allocation of flights, and set preferred/efficient stands as auto as a way of prioritising, but I agree your idea is a really good one!

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I can only agree:

Most strangely, planes’ companies, in automated planning mode, tend to use all the SAME aircrafts’ stand, while others remain permanently free of any arrival.

In addition, in automated planning mode, the system does NOT even sees that there are lots of free parking slots, and generate alerts like “Flight XXXX cannot use parking slot XXX because this slot is already occupied by another flight”.

This is really annoying !

So, any improprement here would definitely be more than welcome :laughing:

The system should alwauys allocate the next free parking spot.

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Yes, that’s often discussed. The game does not provide standby options where arriving planes automatically select another free stand in case their assigned one is blocked.

It’s intended that the player has to do something manually in case of delays by forcing departures or shifting upcoming flights.

I prefer to set the auto planner on 2 hours, so flights can catch up in between flights.

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I often if there is a stand running multiple hours late, reschedule a flight later that day. Usually the next flight is too short notice to change but the one after that can be rescheduled to leave a nice gap to recover the delays/reset the backlog :slight_smile:

This is an unbelievably good idea. I have been frustrated with the apparently random placement of the auto-planner throughout my entire playthrough so far. Can’t get here soon enough if you ask me!


Any developer comments on this feature?


I’d like to bring this to attention again as the lack of this feature is seriously impacting the pleasure of running busy airports.


We live in hope haha :slight_smile: keep the faith!

Devs: Please!! I know you want to be done with new features, but please!


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