Alpha 31 - Delays - Annexure

TIME: 0831
As per the flight monitor, the flights labelled A and B were supposed to leave first at 0815 HRS. But flight C finished all turnaround services and passenger boarding. Hence, it was allowed to taxi first, even though it was scheduled to leave after A and B.

TIME: 0838
After C leaves the apron, flights B and D start to taxi simultaneously. B is already late by more than 30 minutes. D is on time, scheduled to depart at 0845 HRS.

TIME: 0852
Flight A pushback has still not started as it is waiting for D to leave the apron. Incoming flight cannot occupy stand as it is currently occupied by A.

TIME: 0859
After nearly 45 minutes of delay, A is being pushed back.

P.S: Delays frequently on the two extreme-right stands and occasionally on the 3rd stand (from the right) as well. Even if flights occupying these stands are scheduled to take-off first, they tend to wait until other aircraft take-off.


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Report: ACEO-15409

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