Alpha 31 - Delays

In the last two days, I’ve never seen any flight take-off on time nor leave the stand on time. I have rarely seen all passengers board the flight. Mostly each flight leaves with 8-10 passengers yet to board. Boarding starts an 90 minutes before ONLY when there are more than 80 or so passengers. Otherwise boarding starts even as late as 10 minutes before scheduled departure. Sometimes, all of the passengers are left behind. I’m guessing roughly about 300 passengers are left behind daily.
I have a surplus of staff, except for the janitors.
I only have 8 operational medium stands.

And all of this started to happen after I changed airport running capacity to 52% from 50%. :tired_face:


Sounds very much like the problem I have here:

I changed passenger per flight ratio from 50% to 100% via settings.
I do not hope, though, that something important was broken with the last updates

I read the post which you have mentioned. But to prove what you have assumed, you must note the number of passengers that de-board and board a particular type of aircraft (say B757200) at 50% running capacity and then check the same numbers at 100% running capacity.
If, as you claim, the passengers board an aircraft till only 50%, technically, it should reflect back in the flight monitor.

Maybe you can start a separate thread with some screenshots (with zoning), then we can take it from there.

@jasperwillem It doesn’t happen anymore. I tried shortening the queue length at the security points. That seems to have done the trick (for now at least). Apart from a one or two flights a day, all other ones leave with all passengers. They do leave late, a minimum of 10 minutes; but they leave with all passengers.

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Just wondering, if you check your security breaks long term, how often do you have short staff situations?

Side-node; if I can afford it, I double my security staff numbers based on absolute need, then you never have a shortage in breaks.

I’ve haven’t come across a short-staff situation. I need 28 staff to man the checkpoints. I have 53.

EDIT: Though i do have noticed that passengers tend to move to a particular checkpoint without even acknowledging the existence of other checkpoints.

The screenshot doesn’t really prove my point here. Sometimes passengers flock to the central checkpoint and not the other four. The small ones are for staff only.

Just filled my de-icing fluid depot.
It now has a de-icing fluid level of 5 million percent! :sunglasses::nerd_face::face_with_monocle:

Just what does that mean? Percent of what?

If you have 10 medium stands, and just 5 security checkpoints, I understand your delay, try upgrading to 8 security checkpoints and have a separate small one for staff.

Secondly; did you ever check your efficiency at security checkpoints?

I’ll increase the number of checkpoints.

Currently, the efficiency is between 0.98 and 1.43 for the 5 large checkpoints. This efficiency can drop to 0.6 sometimes.

The smaller ones have an efficiency between 0.69 - 1.14 for the 4 small checkpoints.

So, try firing some people and hire back better ones.

Will do that! Although, I doubt that the security checkpoints might be the problem. The flight monitor shows that all passengers complete the security checks with 2 hours to spare. And in cases where there are more than 90 passengers waiting to board, the security checks are completed with a minimum of 2 and a half hours to spare. The passengers that don’t board are already past security.
Maybe the delays occur due to a delay in opening the boarding gates?
What do you think?

Show some complete zone pictures of your airport :wink:

Lets see what we find for you.

My airport is split in three levels : -1,0,1.
LEVEL -1 is for ARRIVALS. Passengers who de-board the planes use the escalators to come to LEVEL -1 and then exit the airport. LEVEL -1 is also used to connect the main terminal to the next one across the taxiway. (This second terminal is under construction)

LEVEL 0 is for DEPARTURES. This level houses the check-in desks and security checkpoints. Also, ARRIVING passengers who get down at LEVEL -1 take escalators upto LEVEL 1 for check-ins.

LEVEL 1 has the boarding gates and seating areas. Passengers take an escalator from LEVEL 0 to LEVEL 1 after security. Checkpoints on LEVEL 1 are solely for staff.

To facilitate easier movement for staff, there are separate, zoned escalators and security exits.

Where are your staff rooms for Ramp Agent and Airport staff?

Would recommend one one the left wing, and one on the right wing. Now they have to walk for ages, dont they?

And it seems PAX that report to the out most gates, and then want to shop for food / items, have to walk in/out a long time.

I have two staff rooms on the ground floor.

I don’t have staff rooms on the first floor though.

What can I do about this?

1 & 2 - Outside your secure zones, so, you have a dirty pool, try having a pool for each secure wing (to minimize walking distance), so close-by.

3 - Try to have utilities relative near to each gate, by design.

BTW, whats up with your huge number of baggage on airport compared to PAX?

I think it’s because I don’t have a baggage system. Didn’t want to build one while working on current issues with my airport :sweat_smile:

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I’ll try these changes out and let you know the outcomes within the next 24 hours. :smiley:

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