Airport CEO Alpha 31 released (The Multi-floor Update)

Airport CEO Alpha 31 Released (The Multi-floor Update)

Hello airport CEO!

After months of development, the next big Airport CEO feature update has finally arrived. Have you dreaded running out of space for your terminal areas? Dread no longer, because this update enables a total of five floors to build on: Two down and two up. You can now also construct road tunnels and proper underground conveyor belts as well as terminal overpasses.

Please read this very important Steam announcements on the changes that Alpha 31 bring compared to Alpha 30!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 31.6-0


  • [ACEO-11031] - Boarding will now complete if flight is delayed and remaining passengers are in terminal but too far away
  • [ACEO-12076] - Larger variety of ramp agent operator dummy sprites for vehicles with exposed driver position
  • [ACEO-12632] - Slightly increased night cursor light when placing an object
  • [ACEO-13105] - Added new income and expense sections to budget overview panel
  • [ACEO-13264] - Two additional baggage cart types
  • [ACEO-13265] - Baggage handling fee implemented
  • [ACEO-13657] - Jetway rendering disabled on ground floor
  • [ACEO-13665] - Reduced loading time due to removed pre-initialization of unnecessary variables
  • [ACEO-13678] - Reduced spawn rate of broken items notifications
  • [ACEO-13768] - Updated baggage belt arrows system and animation
  • [ACEO-13825] - Draw call reduction for main interaction panels
  • [ACEO-14001] - Upgraded game engine version
  • [ACEO-14002] - Attached bug report save file size increased to 20 MB
  • [ACEO-14003] - Error codes added to failed bug report sending attempts
  • [ACEO-14045] - Loading process now "self aware" and detects if problems occurr during loading, prompting user to submit a bug report
  • [ACEO-14094] - Terrain object (trees, rocks) shadows replaced with more efficient shader based solution
  • [ACEO-14141] - Updated "the multi-floor update" main menu graphics (new update banner art)
  • [ACEO-14322] - Fixed flood lights added to fuel depot structures
  • [ACEO-14324] - Fixed light levels when showing underground floors
  • [ACEO-14341] - Added remaining aircraft to main menu background simulation


  • [ACEO-10848] - Replacing loading site can cause new construction materials not to be delivered
  • [ACEO-10905] - Removal or change of direction on a corner taxiway does not work as expected
  • [ACEO-11122] - Aircraft on approach appear under or at same level as taxiing aircraft
  • [ACEO-11218] - Passengers use the wrong door on Q400
  • [ACEO-11280] - Shop targets met but not rewarded with bonus
  • [ACEO-11475] - Contractors can walk through fence at vehicle checkpoint gate
  • [ACEO-11525] - CRJ 700 window misalignment on some liveries
  • [ACEO-11567] - Fuel truck operation cost doesn't match cost in procurement
  • [ACEO-11625] - Flights remain in patterns of closed runway causing demolishing of that runway impossible
  • [ACEO-11769] - Passengers can get stuck in franchise room
  • [ACEO-11934] - Piper Cub can get stuck at stand
  • [ACEO-12115] - Fence lightning is different on road checkpoint
  • [ACEO-12149] - Incorrect date-time format causing airport staff to disappear on load
  • [ACEO-12305] - Stands don't recognize taxiway connection when game is paused
  • [ACEO-12406] - Bug report summary clears text after closing panel
  • [ACEO-12412] - Tutorial doesn't always recognize open commercial stand
  • [ACEO-12420] - Clear all notifications not working
  • [ACEO-12627] - Description of connecting the service car stop button is reversed
  • [ACEO-12669] - Stand or boarding desk connecting can in some instances not be cleared as expected
  • [ACEO-12748] - People are using closed bathroom
  • [ACEO-12750] - Contract not completed even if sales target reached
  • [ACEO-12795] - Aircraft ground equipment can in rare cases remain after pushback
  • [ACEO-12863] - Auto planner scheduling flights at same time (increased randomization)
  • [ACEO-12931] - Food fridge count for franchise contract doesn't work
  • [ACEO-13009] - Unbuilt terminal foundation causes long load time
  • [ACEO-13081] - Janitor job dispatchment can cause lag spikes when available job tasks are in excess of 5000 entries
  • [ACEO-13094] - Aircraft can sometimes get stuck waiting for runway to clear when there are no planes using the runway
  • [ACEO-13095] - Delivery site cannot be placed if no delivery site is connected
  • [ACEO-13096] - Airside shuttle bus stop doesn't update zone type when built causing pathfinding issues
  • [ACEO-13108] - Service vehicle avatars in UI containers not always correctly rendered
  • [ACEO-13232] - Muting the game can result in virtual audio channels to stack up over time causing notable performance drop
  • [ACEO-13318] - On rare occasions the game settings file gets corrupted causing the game menu to not show up (the float clouds bug)
  • [ACEO-13333] - Trees can generated close to edge of map cannot be removed
  • [ACEO-13335] - Terminal foundation and placement grid not visible on second floor
  • [ACEO-13336] - Vehicles do not recognize inaccessible parking structures on floors above or below self
  • [ACEO-13344] - Build buttons blocked by application version handler appear when searched
  • [ACEO-13362] - Cost is different from object description
  • [ACEO-13364] - Baggage arrows visible on incorrect floors
  • [ACEO-13369] - Store products doesn't appear on uppe floors
  • [ACEO-13388] - Trailers sometimes gets hidden from view on higher floors
  • [ACEO-13396] - Walls and hedge doesn't properly connect on upper floors
  • [ACEO-13408] - Conveyor belt direction transition doesn't always connect properly
  • [ACEO-13430] - Contractor shuttle buses going around i circles
  • [ACEO-13458] - Taxiway nodes change when runway entrance/exit is rebuilt
  • [ACEO-13476] - Tunnels doesn't show if connected to the correct road type or not
  • [ACEO-13485] - Airside shuttle bus cannot park on medium stand due to missing assignment of parking space position causing parking loop
  • [ACEO-13494] - Building jetway doesn't cost any money
  • [ACEO-13506] - Aircraft park too far ahead of runway entrance
  • [ACEO-13510] - Conveyor belt doesn't properly connect with escalators
  • [ACEO-13511] - Ramp agents returning from remote stand service do not complete their job task and get stuck in a service car boarding loop
  • [ACEO-13520] - Door is showing through wall on upper floors
  • [ACEO-13549] - Some rotate-on-the-axis shadows not aligning
  • [ACEO-13552] - Construction overlay is not shown on second floor
  • [ACEO-13553] - Buses can in some cases not correctly verify boarding persons causing deadlocks
  • [ACEO-13561] - Missing key value for "Fluid supply truck" added
  • [ACEO-13564] - Update zone position can cause null reference exception
  • [ACEO-13565] - Ramp agents do not consider both floor entrances for access if stand is using jetway
  • [ACEO-13566] - Zone area don't always update properly causing path finding errors
  • [ACEO-13572] - Exception causes baggage gets stuck if on rare cases ends up on wrong floor
  • [ACEO-13576] - An uncaught NullReferenceException can cause persons to stuck when desalinizing
  • [ACEO-13579] - Incorrect error message when building trying to build taxiway node on a different floor
  • [ACEO-13602] - Broken text key in employee job task panel
  • [ACEO-13610] - Contractors can get stuck on random places
  • [ACEO-13618] - Ramp agents unable to get to stand from jetway floor
  • [ACEO-13619] - On rare instances can people get stuck near a floor transition node
  • [ACEO-13627] - Dirty floor tiles not show up on load
  • [ACEO-13629] - Efficiency is not shown at security checkpoints
  • [ACEO-13630] - When clicking on overlay buttons current build object resets
  • [ACEO-13631] - Employee visible through floor at desk
  • [ACEO-13632] - Departing passengers does not always go to jetway floor after entering the secure area
  • [ACEO-13644] - Floor tile is visible through wall at certain places
  • [ACEO-13646] - Steam workshop Items don't get right names
  • [ACEO-13652] - Structures on first floor gets selected before items on second floor
  • [ACEO-13658] - Uncaught exception in notification system
  • [ACEO-13682] - Cargo destroyer doesn't work properly
  • [ACEO-13683] - Conveyor belt rotation issues on upper floors
  • [ACEO-13702] - Floor tile cleaning job tasks duplicate on load
  • [ACEO-13719] - Construction workers can get incorrectly teleported to bus stop
  • [ACEO-13733] - Roads connection indicators shown if paused
  • [ACEO-13760] - Game can on very rare occasions freeze when baggage is checked in
  • [ACEO-13767] - Game doesn't notify that third floor is not buildable
  • [ACEO-13783] - Cannot select room with a stand underneath
  • [ACEO-13785] - Demolition on small stand doesn't work
  • [ACEO-13839] - High speed conveyor belt displays incorrect preview sprite
  • [ACEO-13845] - Conveyor belt arrows not visible
  • [ACEO-13852] - Rare contractor pathing issues caused by unreachable deconstruction site
  • [ACEO-13870] - Incorrect conveyor belt connection sprite can occur when demolishing high speed belts
  • [ACEO-13898] - Bags not visible on check in belt when dropped on
  • [ACEO-13907] - Conveyor belt scanner displays incorrect output direction
  • [ACEO-13918] - Scanner and destroyer lights visible on incorrect floor
  • [ACEO-13921] - Wall sprites not updated correctly on non-ground floor placements
  • [ACEO-13929] - Objects get placed when clicking on change floor button
  • [ACEO-13930] - Taxiway edges do not render correctly
  • [ACEO-13933] - Terminal placement selection doesn't show on upper floors
  • [ACEO-13937] - Weather effects visible on below ground floor
  • [ACEO-13948] - Passengers can access seating on wrong floor when performing eating activity
  • [ACEO-13967] - Taxiway lines not always connecting properly
  • [ACEO-13969] - Dashboard sidebar can't be interacted with
  • [ACEO-13972] - Structures can be built below terminal overpass
  • [ACEO-13991] - Jetway visible through roof
  • [ACEO-14004] - Delivery truck incorrectly default to garbage truck sprite
  • [ACEO-14012] - Baggage rotates strange in corners while on conveyor belts
  • [ACEO-14016] - Fuel truck operating cost incorrect in economy overview
  • [ACEO-14017] - Incorrect calculated hourly operation cost on stands
  • [ACEO-14030] - Filtering contracts by type does not work
  • [ACEO-14034] - Bags counter broken
  • [ACEO-14038] - "Can not build below terminal" message appears even if terminal above demolished
  • [ACEO-14042] - Road tunnel visible through terminal
  • [ACEO-14052] - Gate number is not aligned in flight planner
  • [ACEO-14065] - Baggage sometimes visible on wrong floor
  • [ACEO-14068] - Selection sizes are incorrect
  • [ACEO-14074] - Language key for hazardous hauler vehicle variation (garbage truck) doesn't exist
  • [ACEO-14085] - Workers build objects on ground level from underground
  • [ACEO-14098] - Shop prouduct sprites under shelves
  • [ACEO-14132] - Ensure that second floor terminal foundation has been built befor allowing jetway construction to avoid security checkpoint connection confusion
  • [ACEO-14133] - Stair truck misalignment for aircraft type E190
  • [ACEO-14139] - Security staff cannot leave secure area via secure area exit if no security checkpoint is present
  • [ACEO-14140] - Mipmap setting accidentally disabled on person and asset (baggage, goods) texture sheets
  • [ACEO-14182] - Jetway cost is being charged even if upgrade fails
  • [ACEO-14215] - Baggage bay staffing count does not reflect input value do to "minus one" count issue
  • [ACEO-14249] - Aircraft stand light poles visible through terminal
  • [ACEO-14252] - Passengers only use one desk out of several available when interacting with cafes and shops
  • [ACEO-14262] - Ramp agents cannot access service car stops placed on other floors than ground floor
  • [ACEO-14278] - Rare exception in floor instantiation process can break deserialization process
  • [ACEO-14288] - Persons do not attempt to leave through all viable secure zone exits before throwing path finding error notifications
  • [ACEO-14290] - One way taxiway layering issue in regards to taxiway signs
  • [ACEO-14293] - Teleported serialized ramp agents cannot move about the terminal
  • [ACEO-14294] - Job task transfer location for remote stand service rounds incorrectly overwritten
  • [ACEO-14295] - Zone areas existance checking does not always reutrn correct value
  • [ACEO-14296] - Terminals with multiple floors and constructed jetways but with no escalators present invoke strange security-to-stand-transition-node behavior
  • [ACEO-14301] - Employee tools sometimes visible through floor
  • [ACEO-14302] - Bags can get left behind if a passenger gets teleported due to multiple failed path attempts
  • [ACEO-14304] - "More check-in desks required" notification text not informative enough
  • [ACEO-14306] - Cannot connect baggage bay across multiple floors
  • [ACEO-14307] - Aircraft visible through terminal overpass roof
  • [ACEO-14314] - Uncaught NullReferenceException in parking space validation check can cause vehicles to stall
  • [ACEO-14328] - Specific baggage scanner construction overlay text incorrect
  • [ACEO-14331] - Persons do not take walkability status of node when verifying current zone position, in rare cases causing stuck passengers when deboarding
  • [ACEO-14336] - Ground level constructions overlay visible through terminal
  • [ACEO-14343] - Runway entrance light doesn't turn on when switching floor

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4811] - Multi-floor rendering depending on shown floor level
  • [ACEO-4812] - Multi-floor building
  • [ACEO-4813] - Multi-floor construction simulation
  • [ACEO-4814] - Multi-floor path-finding
  • [ACEO-4815] - Escalators
  • [ACEO-4817] - Roof rendering when viewing above top floor
  • [ACEO-11850] - Localized text system for supporting different languages
  • [ACEO-13097] - Stairs
  • [ACEO-13107] - Improved weather temperature generation utilizing day and season cycle
  • [ACEO-13109] - New aircraft: Beechcraft 1900 D



Played the update before this was released. :sweat_smile:
I like it (so far)



Now THAT’S EPIC !!! Good job guys you literally created a brand new game with brand new opportunities :wink:


Well done boys!

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Thank you @Olof

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Hello Airport CEOs!
Can you post some new pictures? At the moment i have not so much time, but it would be nice to see the new stuff in action.

Greetings :slight_smile:

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Secretly stolen from @EG0611


First bug! (Not that it’s a good thing.)

Whenever you use the type search in the items bit, the catering depot, waste depot etc come up. You are able to place them down.

Hedges also do not connect properly on the second and third floors. Walls don’t either.


Just build my first escalator. It says right click to set direktion when placed. but it is not clickable. nothing apears or happens.

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Just build my first escalator. It says right click to set direktion when placed. but it is not clickable. nothing apears or happens.

It shouldn’t be at the moment so nothing to worry :wink:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: But if you want to build the floor 2 , you do not see what I have selected, only when I build it you can see it . That is a bug :slight_smile:

Strange, this was reported yesterday and the jira status sais fix deployed.

Why released to Exp. Bug report it @modair . The more data the greater pool of data to evaluate what is causing the bugs.


OK Thank you :slight_smile:

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Well, then it doesnt seem to work? i build an underground tunnel for pax to 2 second building, under a taxiway. but no one uses it, not even staff.

Can you share a screenshot.

Just a little new airport for testing purposes.

Thanks, I’m assuming it’s all zoned secure as well?

Yes it is. That was my first thought too.

That escalator on the remote building does not look quite right. Which floor level were you on when you built it?

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