Airport CEO Alpha 31 released (The Multi-floor Update)

Oh! I didnt think i put any consideration in that. So i dont know right now. I will erase it and test it.

Edit: Constructors are still building, but first of all it is not possible to build escalators on floor 0. So this should`nt be the solution.

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Someone posted in the wrong thread.

So, i erased both and build them new. now it works. but since you dont see the direction very clearly during building this happens. the pax emerge from ground -1 from left to right and then walk over the escalator. the escalator doenst seem to be an obstacle for them.

BUTS IT’S F***************** AWESOME :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Good, good, yes it is :slight_smile:

It does have a bit of a learning curve I agree.

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Yeah, you see that one side is a bit darker than the other, thats “down”. it is just not that clearly when it is that reddish during building so i didnt see it on first sight.


Should this be available yet? :wink:

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Which bit? Or rather, can you activate them? The dev blog said they would not be able to be active, didn’t say anything about them not being buildable.

Catering, de-icing pad and waste depot

DeIcing I think? … the garbage one should not be.

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Bulk post, will add stuff over time;

Let me list this one as a reminder, the employee drop down menu consistancy


When your runway is delivered, but the exit/entree are not finished yet, you get a warning that they are missing, can you add a check if they are ordered before the warning?

Staff zone not removed under objects after removal - 13343



Nope, all should be disabled and will in the hot fix coming shortly… you can build them but as of now there is no way to activate them. :wink:


R.I.P Alpha 31.0-0, it’s replaced by Alpha 31.0-1:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 31.0-1


  • [ACEO-13335] - Terminal foundation and placement grid not visible on second floor
  • [ACEO-13344] - Build buttons blocked by application version handler appear when searched

Keep them bug reports coming. We’ll most likely pop in tomorrow with new a new deployment! :heart:


Does the game update or do I need to activate the experimental setting on Steam?

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Yes, go to BETA’s in steam menu, choose Experimental.

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Ok, thanks

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Can we build on floor 1 without a foundation on floor 0?

Only if you remove the underlying foundation after it.


Beechcraft 1900D, yes awesome!
Waiting for the PSD then :slight_smile:
just start today an airline mod where also this aircraft is in the fleet


Which floor does the jet way attach to it is a bit confusing